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wondercon 2017

I’ve been attending Wondercon since it relocated to Southern California in 2012. It’s also a welcomed convention since San Diego Comic Con sells out.
Wondercon 2017 has come and gone. This time I dressed up as The War Doctor (RIP John Hurt) to help advertise our podcast, Who New.
Living in Southern California I always went for comfort over costume, but now with a Podcast to promote I wore a long jacket in the warm Anaheim weather, we’re in spring, but it felt like summer. Continue reading

who new podcast

I’ve been quiet on the blogging front lately, but for good reason, I’ve been working on a Doctor Who podcast with some friends, you may have noticed that we went to Galliday.

Since we don’t have any new Who episodes till the end of the year we started re-watching episodes from the 2005 revival series, not that you need any reason to re-watch this quality programming, we just happened to record our conversations while re-visiting our favorite Time Lord.

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galliday 2016 part 2 ( photo heavy)

Last year we started recording a podcast called Who New, it was a bunch of friends getting together and re-watching Doctor Who from the 2005 series. As we launched on iTunes, YouTube and Twitter Galliday was approaching and we weren’t sure if we were going to get our business cards and buttons in time, let alone everyone on the podcast to attend. But we  made it (minus one)! With Galliday and Wondercon and podcasting, there’s been a lot of Doctor Who in the air.

*Sidenote, I also took this opportunity to debut my Tenth Doctor costume.

And here are more pictures from Who New’s Galliday experience;

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galliday 2016

The first Galliday of 2016 was this past weekend. What is Galliday? It’s where Doctor Who fans come out to Disneyland, you can read more about that here. I had been before, but this year decided to go all out, since I have a podcast I want to promote. It’s called Who New, more about that next time, back to Galliday. My friend Brian summed it up nicely in his article, (originally posted here) and below;

Doctor Who Day 2016 at Disneyland

April 10th 2016 was the fifth unofficial meetup of Doctor Who fans in Disneyland Park. Named Galliday in reference to The Doctor’s home planet of Gallifrey, fans of the British series came from all over to show off their best costumes and meet up with their fellow Whovians. Continue reading