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fear the walking dead – waiting for it to premiere

Fear The Walking Dead is the spin off of The Walking Dead tv show. This spin off must’ve been one of the most highly anticipated ones for this summer. We’re now four episodes in and there’s still nothing I can’t sink my teeth into… Continue reading

doctor who – kill the moon

This weekend’s episode Kill The Moon of Doctor Who is what I’ve been waiting for! Just take a look at the trailer above, we’ve finally landed, the Doctor is on an adventure in the future where something’s gone wrong with Earth’s Moon.

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tron: uprising – the best show no one’s watching

Have you seen Tron: Uprising?  Probably not, it really is the best show that no one is watching.  The series follows Beck, voiced by Elijah Wood, a program who lives on the grid and joins the fight against Clu‘s occupation.  This series takes place inbetween the first movie Tron and the sequel Tron: Legacy.

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the coral castle

On May 4, 2013 I got to visit the Coral Castle with some friends of mine.  We knew we were going to be in Florida and that we wanted to go to theme parks after the wedding, but I didn’t think of the Coral Castle until we were literally in Florida.  Like many adventures, some things just aren’t planned, but I’m glad we got to visit the Coral Castle, it’s been in the back of my mind for a while now, and by a while, I mean a long time.

I first heard of this place on Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, the one hosted by Jack Palance way back when.  I won’t bother trying to tell you about the history or the mystery of this place, so I’ve provided links.

Here’s the wiki entry

This one being narrated by Optimus Prime himself.

But I can provide you with pictures that we took.  Like the Winchester Mansion I can cross this off my list, feels good.