comic con 2014 part 3 – friends (photo heavy)

I remember going to comic con to find stuff that I couldn’t get, whether that be comics or old toys, but then with the internet and ebay, everything became more accessible, and if I didn’t get it at the con I would get it on ebay. But I still made the effort to buy one comic at every comic con, because it’s called “comic” con.

Then I started to attend panels, screenings, and meet and greets with autographs, long gone are the days when you could walk in to a room and take a seat. I did this to find a place to sit down in peace, away from the security guards telling me I was blocking a fire exit. Now you have to camp out or spend a whole day waiting in line to catch a barely visible celebrity.

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Two Severed Small Bones

Last night I had a weirdly surreal dream.  I was in a house, not mine or my parent’s, but a familiar one.  One where I feel comfortable in and not awkward.  I’ve just come in from the outside, and I’m holding a dead puppy, it fits in the palm of my hand it’s so small.  I have something else in my hand, and it looks like trash, but it’s two severed small bones.  The dead puppy is one that the people in the house lost but now that I’ve brought it inside it’s breathing again.  Its limbs were tucked inside it’s torso, almost like a turtle, but dogs can’t do that.  This puppy was in some sort of trance or hibernation state.  Its limbs start to pop out and its eyes are now blinking.  I’m marveling at this seemingly dead thing coming back to life, while the people around me aren’t even batting an eye.  It’s almost as if they expected this. 
The layout of the house is much like my old apartment, hard wood floors and the front door leads right in to the living room and then to the kitchen, you just keep walking straight.  But the opening is now to the left and not the right.

So this weekend was busy-ish.  Went to my first cemetery screening, and it was Casablanca.  So worth it.  I don’t own this movie and it’s because I don’t want it to lose it’s impact and awesomeness.  There were some people who went with us who hadn’t seen the movie before and it was great to hear that they were impressed and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Almost every line in the movie has now become a cliche or a quote, but seeing it all in context is what makes the difference.  The crowd we viewed it with was also amazing.  They cheered at all the right moments, like the first time Bogart and Bergman appear on screen.

Then Sunday was potentially the last Weekend of Heroes.  Brings me back to almost ten years ago when I was collecting 1/6 scale military figures and those Toybox days  Got to meet up with George, Andre and Andy.

Casablanca (Two-Disc Special Edition)
By Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, Paul Henreid
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