star wars celebration

part 2 of anaheim 2015 – star wars celebration (picture heavy)

Here’s some more pictures from the Star Wars Celebration

Anthony Daniels – C-3PO

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anaheim 2015 – star wars celebration (picture heavy)

This past weekend was the Anaheim 2015 Star Wars Celebration. This is the first time I went to a Star Wars only convention, I was a bit skeptical leading up to the event. I had never been, and having in Southern California was a plus, meaning that I could attend. But I was most fearful of being able to “walk” the floor in only an hour or two and then be done. so glad that I was wrong, I ended up spending nearly 8 hours at the Anaheim convention center.

I actually went to a panel as well. What made the time there great was spending it with friends, so the line waiting wasn’t that bad. The costumes of attendees were also ‘most impressive,” most if not all of the costumes were on the higher end of the spectrum.
But what made it extra fun were the photo ops that were throughout the floor. The detail in re-creating sets and props from the movie was absolutely amazing.

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