sdcc 2014

comic con debrief with harmontown

I’ve been catching up on my podcasts, and I got around to the latest Harmontown episode. They talk about comic con and sum up some of the same feelings that I share. Take a listen here.

In particular Spencer‘s comments on purchasing exclusives at the con. He’s put in to words what I’ve posted about.

For those of you who don’t know, Harmontown is Dan Harmon‘s podcast. He’ll talk and rant about something in the beginning, if you’re lucky he’ll freestyle rap, then some guests come out and join in the fun. Then at the end… at the end, they play Dungeon’s and Dragons! Always a pleasure to listen.

comic con 2014 part 3 – friends (photo heavy)

I remember going to comic con to find stuff that I couldn’t get, whether that be comics or old toys, but then with the internet and ebay, everything became more accessible, and if I didn’t get it at the con I would get it on ebay. But I still made the effort to buy one comic at every comic con, because it’s called “comic” con.

Then I started to attend panels, screenings, and meet and greets with autographs, long gone are the days when you could walk in to a room and take a seat. I did this to find a place to sit down in peace, away from the security guards telling me I was blocking a fire exit. Now you have to camp out or spend a whole day waiting in line to catch a barely visible celebrity.

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comic con 2014 part 1 – the breakdown (photo heavy)

The last weekend in July has come and gone, and with it another comic con. It seems that comic con time is spent less and less in the actual convention center and more and more eating at a restaurants.

$12 parking is the best deal, if you can find it… we did.

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san diego comic con 2014

San Diego Comic Con International is here! This week! One day away! … soon.

You can get your tickets here. Actually, no you can’t, cause it’s all sold out, Thursday badges, Friday badges, Saturday badges, Sunday badges, it’s all gone.

Growing up in San Diego Comic Con was just something we all did in the summer. We bought our badges at the door, walked the floor, saw people and friends in passing and that was our once a year interaction, and more importantly… we could walk in to panels. Boy oh boy have things changed.

For me the “con” is now about hanging out with friends, going out to eat, and reminiscing of how things used to be with days gone by.


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