san diego comic con

san diego comic con 2015 (photo heavy)

Another comic con has come and gone in beautiful San Diego. This year wasn’t the same, I wasn’t able to walk the floor with my usual buddies. I also didn’t spend hours upon hours waiting in line to get a ticket to wait in another line. The only full day I spent at the convention center was Sunday, and that was bargain hunting day, which worked out pretty well this year.

I went to the premiere of Justice League Gods and Monsters, and the Warner Bros. Television and DC Entertainment Screening TV Panel.

This year I made it a point to meet up with people, comic con used to be a time where I’d run into friends that I hadn’t seen in a while, or would only see at comic con, now it’s a mad house. I know other friends were there that I didn’t get to see, sorry I wasn’t able to hang out for a bit but there was too much foot traffic.

Thank goodness there wasn’t an exclusive figure at the Hasbro Toy Shop that I had to get this year.

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san diego comic con 2014

San Diego Comic Con International is here! This week! One day away! … soon.

You can get your tickets here. Actually, no you can’t, cause it’s all sold out, Thursday badges, Friday badges, Saturday badges, Sunday badges, it’s all gone.

Growing up in San Diego Comic Con was just something we all did in the summer. We bought our badges at the door, walked the floor, saw people and friends in passing and that was our once a year interaction, and more importantly… we could walk in to panels. Boy oh boy have things changed.

For me the “con” is now about hanging out with friends, going out to eat, and reminiscing of how things used to be with days gone by.


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sdcc 2012 + photo update

Wednesday.  On the drive down to San Diego traffic was so slow that I could use my phone without being a danger to society… is everyone else going to Comic Con?

Then in the evening I passed by the Arco on Paradise Valley Rd and Meadowbrook on my way to get some Mexican Food.

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