voltron: legendary defender – an upgrade from the original

Voltron: Legendary Defender is a reboot of the original Voltron from the eighties. This version is brought to us by Dreamworks Animation and Netflix. This new series is a mix of anime and CG, for when the Voltron Lions are on screen.

First of all, this is better than the original and the subsequent attempted reboots. It color coordinates the Lions with their pilots. No longer is Keith piloting the Black Lion, he pilots the Red Lion and Lance pilots the Blue Lion. Shiro (Sven the Norwegian in the original version) pilots the Black Lion and remains the leader of the team.
Next improvement would be the look, it has an anime feel with the character designs which is drawing (pun intended) back to the original Beast King GoLion series from Toei Animation in Japan, before it was re-purposed for Voltron: Defender of the Universe, which is probably the more well known iteration. But then you have the CG mix of the the robot Lions along with the re-design of the formed Voltron robot. It again draws back to is anime roots and this time the Voltron robot has a hint of a Gundam in the design, with the wings folded down instead of out. There’s also use of the multiple weapons, as opposed to just the Blazing Sword.

But the biggest improvement is the story. Legendary Defender has a narrative that arcs over more than just the 11 episodes that are on Netflix now (the pilot episode counts as 3 because it’s 68 mins long, followed by 10 episodes running 23 mins long). Whereas the original had basically one episode duplicated 72 times. If you’ve seen one episode you’ve seen them all, there’s a problem, a monster is involved, Voltron combines and vanquishes said monster. The reboot has a larger scale to their mission to defeat the enemy, and for that I’m very appreciative. So much so that I didn’t binge watch these episodes, cause I didn’t want it to end, hence the late review.

Go watch Voltron: Legendary Defender on Netflix now.

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godzilla – the summer is here!

Godzilla is about, well… Godzilla. But there’s much more to this movie, we start off in the Philippines (hurray?) then you get destruction, monsters, man thinking the nuclear option is always the last best hope, oh and did I mention monsters?
After 1998’s Godzilla: Final Wars,the Toho staple was done, Toho announced that they wouldn’t be making any more Godzilla movies. But it’s 2014… and we have a reboot helmed by Gareth Edwards and penned by Max Borenstein. Let the smashing begin! Continue reading


New images of the reboot of “Robocop” have hit the net… I wish I could unsee these, and I hate being right.

Robocop hit the theatres in 1987, and it became one of my favorite movies.  It’s sci-fi, ultra violent, satirical, funny, action packed, emotional, pre-cgi, solid, fun and an all around good movie.
When they announced that they were going to do a new version I had immediately made up my mind and opinion that it was going to be crap and will be unable to hold a candle to the original Verhoeven masterpiece.  I so wanted to be wrong.. but I was not.  I haven’t heard anything good about this new rendition.

These pictures tell me that they’ve purged everything that made the original film a classic.  Robocop’s suit/body is not iconic.  It looks like Batman forgot his cap and then went to Tron: Legacy and borrowed a helmet.  It looks like a skeletal rendering of a CG film in progress and they made it 3D.
ED-209 should shoot whatever studio executive decided to give this “look” the green light.  Did they even watch the original film?

What made the original costume great was that it was inspired by anime and when they constructed it they made it look real, as if the technology at the time could build this cyborg.  It looked solid and bullet proof.  I bet this new Robocop can run, so sad…

Now on to the car… what made the Ford Taurus perfect for a cop in Ole’ Detroit was that the car wasn’t finished.  It had one coat of paint, no hub caps and looked like a factory just pumped them out.  They had a worn in look that reflected the decaying society of Detroit.  And the fact that Robocop used a standard issue squad car made him one of the guys.  Now he’s got this suped up hot rod of a police car, and if all the other cops are using this car… they’ve missed the whole point as well.

I might be in the minority on this, but I thoroughly enjoy the sequel, Robocop 2, and I would gladly take Robocop 3 over this new version any day.  And yes, in the third movie you can see the actor’s real feet in the Robocop suit.

We already have horrid movies of eighties things that I grew up with; Transformers, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, Total Recall…
What’s next?  A Back to the Future reboot?  Short Circuit?  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (in which they are aliens??)…

Will the new millennia please stop pooping on my child hood?