star wars rebels – twin suns

The episode Twin Suns in Star Wars Rebels season 3 premiered this weekend. If you haven’t kept up with Rebels, you should go back and start this series. In no time you’ll catch up to season 3, in fact, you’d probably get there faster than light speed 🙂

This show has been a lot of fun, and season 3 amps that up in a way I was not expecting.
The latest episode (Twin Suns) cements this series to the original trilogy even more. The last scene hit me and left me emotional in way that I wasn’t expecting, it manages to tie in the prequels with the original trilogy. Bravo!

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star wars rebels

With the official trailer for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens being all over the internet now, there’s been a lot of buzz on all things Star Wars. Episode VII doesn’t come out until next year, and a full year at that.

What will be able to tide you over until then? Star Wars Rebels, you can watch them online here.
I’ve been able to keep current with Rebels, and it has not disappointed. It’s fun and has a connection to the original trilogy.

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