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wonder woman – I wonder why this is so good?

Wonder Woman is finally here. The film is directed by Patty Jenkins, its written by Allan Heinberg and stars Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright, Danny Huston, David Thewlis, Connie Nielsen, Elena Anayain and Lucy Davis. It’s Wonder Woman’s first theatrical film, it’s an origin story that takes place in World War I where Wonder Woman learns the ways of man. Continue reading


arrow is done – so says season 3 finale

Season 3 of Arrow has not been my favorite, but the season 3 finale episode, My Name is Oliver Queen, has officially done it for me. I will not be returning for season 4, unless there’s some amazingly compelling reason that turns season 3 into a bad dream.

Where to start… where to start… Continue reading

arrow – suicidal tendencies episode… tell me about it

This week’s episode of Arrow had to mull around in my noggin for a while. But my gut reaction remains the same over the weekend.

Why is Oliver Queen becoming Batman? And why is the Atom Iron Man?
Let me explain, Oliver or “The Arrow,” is now the latest obsession of Ra’s al Ghul. In that Ra’s wants Oliver to take his place as the head of the League of Shadows. You also have his daughter Nyssa around in the happenings of Starling City. I get it, it’s gritty, a lot of stuff takes place at night, you have vigilante justice with a code, there are criminals in every nook and cranny, but Green Arrow is NOT Batman. Continue reading

man of steel sequel – now featuring aquaman, as previously played by john travolta

I previously posted about the Man Of Steel “sequel” a while ago, CLICK HERE, but now that a single image of Aquaman has surfaced (sea what I did there??)… I can’t help but think that they want to prove me right? Shouldn’t they be trying to get my butt in to that theatre seat opening weekend?

But with this newly leaked (pun intended) image, there seems to be a very odd, yet familiar resemblance…

last night’s episode of the flash

Last night’s episode of The Flash was another good one. Its entitled “Flash vs. Arrow”, and not “Flash v Arrow”…
Anyway, it was such a delightful episode, lots of stuff for the comic book fan boys, and lots of stuff for the non-initiated.

At the end we see one of Ollie’s old flames, Sandra Moonday Hawke. Here’s how she appeared in the episode;

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krypton tv show?

There’s been new… news… about more comic book properties coming to the small screen. The latest is on a show called Krypton. You can read about it here.

Seems like overkill, very much like the 90s in comics, where variant covers were over produced causing the value of “collector’s editions” to be worth mere pennies. We’re apparently going through that now with the TV content, pretty soon the “comic book well” is going to run dry.

With Goyer writing Krypton, I can’t say I’m too thrilled, it’s tied to Superman so I’m going watch it, but will I love it? That has yet to be seen. Haven’t we learned that prequels just aren’t the way to go??

Fade out-


dc comics movies…

So last week Warner Brothers released their DC Comics movies slated for the end of the decade.

I thought about these and the more I thought about it, the more I didn’t care, my initial reaction remained the same. And I hope that I’m wrong, but none of these movies excite me, either who’s attached or who’s casted. I mean it’ll be great to see an Aquaman movie, and a re-try on Green Lantern. But seriously, why wait so long to do another Green Lantern movie? Punisher Warzone came out 4 years after the previous one, so why wait almost 10 years to do another one?? What’re they afraid of? Continue reading

the flash speeds past gotham – dc’s new shows this season

The Flash premiered last night, on the tails of Gotham, then tonight is the season premiere of Arrow. Why can’t DC Comics put this much effort in to their movie franchise?

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man of steel sequel – no thanks… no thanks – updated

THIS JUST IN!! Turns out I’m (probably) right, here’s the evidence. Isn’t that just the darnedest?

A movie with Superman and Batman should be a summer blockbuster… right? Right?! The film isn’t due until 2016, and it’s already moved its release date, to March… So that it won’t go head to head with Captain America 3… all signs continue to point to disaster.

So let me get this straight… the sequel to Man of Steel, is going to be called Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice?
I always want to see a movie before I pass judgement, but facts as they are now, make it extremely difficult to be excited for this film…

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man of steel sequel – no thanks… no thanks

So let me get this straight… the sequel to Man of Steel, is going to be called Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice?
I always want to see a movie before I pass judgement, but facts as they are now, make it extremely difficult to be excited for this film…

(I know Bats, same here, I just hung my head as well…)

Last year was Superman’s 75th anniversary, where’s the love for Superman? I like Batman just fine, but why does his name get top billing for the sequel to Man of Steel?
Granted this year is Batman’s 75th, but if we’re starting over to gear up for the Justice League movie, give Batman a new set of movies… we accepted a new set of Spider-Man movies right away, why can’t we do that here?

Further to that, the first teaser images are of Batman and the Batmobile? This is a Superman movie right?

Why can’t we have the traditional Superman costume with the red trunks? The Amazing Spider-Man 2 had the traditional Spider-Man costume over the first version they had, and what’s more… they made that textured look work.

And who’s Batman V (Five)? Keaton, Kilmer, Clooney, Bale… so is Affleck the fifth Batman? Must be right… right?

The one good thing that I was able to discern is that Goyer will not be taking on the full writing responsibilities.

I understand that the powers that be at Warner Bros. and DC Comics want to follow in the wake of The Avengers success, and to a greater extent, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, by introducing us to the top three, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. But if anyone was to do a multi-superhero movie first, it should’ve been DC, because Warner owns all the DC superhero characters, where Marvel’s properties were spread throughout various movie studios.
I get it, really I do, but they’re doing this the wrong way… what this movie is shaping up to be, it shouldn’t be a Superman sequel, in fact, it isn’t.

It’s really sad that current the DC comics doesn’t understand their once flagship character.
But I still have my comics from the now dubbed Post Crisis Era, I can read those anytime I like.

This “film” is set to be released on May 6, 2016, along with Captain America’s third film, I think I’ll be more pressed to see Captain America that summer.

Just like the Star Trek franchise, I’ll pass.