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community season 6 – de-peanut buttered

Community season 6 has premiered on Yahoo! The first episode is entitled “Ladders,” sold! Then we get “Lawnmower Maintenance and Postnatal Care,” as the second episode, awesome.

I’m not sure how this was accomplished, but the first episode picks up right where we left off, it’s as if Dan Harmon never left the show and NBC never canceled the show. We get caught up with characters and introduced to new characters very seamlessly, what helps is that it’s done up front so that we can get right back in to the hijinks that we all know and love, and then missed, and then we’re now reunited with. Continue reading

comic con debrief with harmontown

I’ve been catching up on my podcasts, and I got around to the latest Harmontown episode. They talk about comic con and sum up some of the same feelings that I share. Take a listen here.

In particular Spencer‘s comments on purchasing exclusives at the con. He’s put in to words what I’ve posted about.

For those of you who don’t know, Harmontown is Dan Harmon‘s podcast. He’ll talk and rant about something in the beginning, if you’re lucky he’ll freestyle rap, then some guests come out and join in the fun. Then at the end… at the end, they play Dungeon’s and Dragons! Always a pleasure to listen.

community – g.i. jeff – simply stunning

This week’s episode of Community was G.I. Jeff. From the image above you can tell what it’s about, that is, if you were a child of the 80s.

We get to see Jeff as he dreams of G.I. Joe, why and how isn’t important. But he does and it’s glorious.

The episode is animated in the same style as the Sunbow cartoon, including the theme song along with the original voices for Flint and Duke. I cannot begin to describe the amount of joy I experienced when those familiar voices came from the tv speakers.

Only in Community would an episode like this work. The tropes of the economic animation and cutting corners, to the tv commercial ads for the toys. I really can’t tell you what my favorite part of the episode was.

You can tell that Dan Harmon loves G.I. Joe, everything in this episode comes from a place of reverence, even though it’s completely making fun. This combination is hard to describe, but you know it works because it just does. So glad that Dan is back at the helm of Community.

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hey sandy, don’t you talk back…

Hey Sandy!  It’s the adventures of Pete & Pete the Reunion.  I went with Gerry and Hanah, we met up with Gabe and Melina.
After almost about twenty years since it first ran, the cast and creators reunite for a panel discussion of their time on this gem of a series.  They talked about how the third season hasn’t been released, and probably will never be released, so we’re relegated to viewings on youtube… thank you internets.

Lately my childhood is becoming more and more present in my adulthood, never has there been a time in society where one’s childhood has been so easily accessible, what with everything being released on DVD and reboots and now reunions.  It is possible to go home again.

We also then got treated to a Polaris concert.

And then look who I met after the show?  It’s Dan Harmon from Community.  I talked to him about his recent episode with Duncan Trussell.