community season 6

this past tv season on the web

I finished watching Moone Boy season 3 on Hulu and Community season 6 on Yahoo, I thoroughly enjoyed both. Then I thought, what would happen if these were remade for another territory?

What if Martin Moone was a kid growing up in the late 90s in America instead of Ireland? Continue reading


community season 6 – de-peanut buttered

Community season 6 has premiered on Yahoo! The first episode is entitled “Ladders,” sold! Then we get “Lawnmower Maintenance and Postnatal Care,” as the second episode, awesome.

I’m not sure how this was accomplished, but the first episode picks up right where we left off, it’s as if Dan Harmon never left the show and NBC never canceled the show. We get caught up with characters and introduced to new characters very seamlessly, what helps is that it’s done up front so that we can get right back in to the hijinks that we all know and love, and then missed, and then we’re now reunited with. Continue reading