comic con

comic con 2014 part 1 – the breakdown (photo heavy)

The last weekend in July has come and gone, and with it another comic con. It seems that comic con time is spent less and less in the actual convention center and more and more eating at a restaurants.

$12 parking is the best deal, if you can find it… we did.

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09/10-jan-2011 + amazing arizona comic con + the town

Last night I dreamt that I was hanging out with my friends from high school.  We were just at someone’s house relaxing and talking about nothing and everything.  It’s Bobby, Jane, Richard and Riyah.  I can’t remember much else, except the layout of the house looks like none of our houses at the time.

This weekend I finally got to visit Jason and Amanda in Arizona.  After so many years since they moved out there, they have two houses, and two kids now.  Too bad Allan isn’t in Arizona anymore, never got to visit him out there.

It was great seeing Amanda and Victoria, and the new baby, Olivia.  There’s so much space in Arizona, compared to Southern California, not just flat plains, but they’re houses are spacious.  I went to visit them as well as attend the Amazing Arizona Comic Con.  Got to see Jeph Loeb again, plus Cory Walker, Ryan Ottley and Robert Kirkman.  The guys behind Invincible.  Kirkman is also known for The Walking Dead, Shane and Glenn were also at the con.

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