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r.i.p. chris cornell

Chris Cornell (born Christopher John Boyle) passed away yesterday, May 17, 2017, he was 52.

Like me, you probably know him best for being the frontman of Soundgarden and Audioslave. His wonderful lyric writing ability and powerful vocals will always be part of my formative teen years. I specifically remember MTV playing Temple of the Dog‘s Hunger Strike constantly the day after 9/11, it just felt appropriate.

A wonderful talent that will be missed for sure, thanks for sharing your musical gifts with us.

my top two movies of 2016

I’ve tried to pick two movies out of the year that were my favorites.  One tends to be the movie I’ve viewed the most, a lot of the times it’s the movie that I’ve paid to see more than once.  And the other movie is one that I just want to be recognized or pointed out. This year continued with the nostalgia trip.

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san diego comic con 2016 (photo heavy)

The 2016 San Diego Comic Con International (SDCC) has come and gone. This year is the first time that SDCC is implementing the RFID badges, where you have to scan in and out. It worked very well.
This year I focused on people rather than seeing and buying things. It was great to run into people, really reminded me of how SDCC used to be.

Didn’t spend the bulk of my time hanging out with my usual friends, but I got to meet up with other friends, which is always great.

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the toy addicts – all the stuff you had as a kid

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard this sentence… “I had that when I was a kid,” or “my mom threw that away,” well you can probably find that long lost item at The Toy Addicts.

My friend John opened up a collectible shop in La Mesa (east San Diego).
It’s been a collective dream for him to finally be able to open a collectible shop. The Toy Addicts really does have it all from toys and comics, to video games and higher end products.
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my top two movies of 2015

I’ve tried to pick two movies out of the year that were my favorites.  One tends to be the movie I’ve viewed the most, a lot of the times it’s the movie that I’ve paid to see more than once.  And the other movie is one that I just want to be recognized or pointed out. This year was the year for nostalgia.

(it’s a tie for most viewed in the theatre)
Mad Max: Fury Road (3 times in the theatre)
Star Wars: The Force Awakens (3 times in the theatre)

Turbo Kid

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r.i.p. scott weiland

Scott Weiland died at the age of 48 last week, December 3, 2015. The Stone Temple Pilots were a large part of my youth. Weiland was their front man and embodied the “rock-god” in every possible aspect. His serpentine slinky moves on stage were very hypnotizing, I made fun them and then grew to accept it.

Their Storytellers episode on VH-1 has remained in my memory, Weiland’s voice is amazing for being outside of the studio. I was fortunate enough to see STP in concert at the San Diego Street Scenes, I think it was Street Scene… Sad to see you go Scott.

You battled with your demons for a long time, you’re now at rest. Thanks for all the great music and for being a part of my youth.


san diego comic con 2015 (photo heavy)

Another comic con has come and gone in beautiful San Diego. This year wasn’t the same, I wasn’t able to walk the floor with my usual buddies. I also didn’t spend hours upon hours waiting in line to get a ticket to wait in another line. The only full day I spent at the convention center was Sunday, and that was bargain hunting day, which worked out pretty well this year.

I went to the premiere of Justice League Gods and Monsters, and the Warner Bros. Television and DC Entertainment Screening TV Panel.

This year I made it a point to meet up with people, comic con used to be a time where I’d run into friends that I hadn’t seen in a while, or would only see at comic con, now it’s a mad house. I know other friends were there that I didn’t get to see, sorry I wasn’t able to hang out for a bit but there was too much foot traffic.

Thank goodness there wasn’t an exclusive figure at the Hasbro Toy Shop that I had to get this year.

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inside out – get outta your head, and into this one

Inside Out is the latest Pixar film, it’s mostly set in the mind of a young girl named Riley, and how emotions lead her through life as she handles a move from Minnesota to San Francisco. These emotions are; Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Fear and Anger. Inside Out is directed by Pete Docter, with the writing credits going to Docter, again, and Meg LeFauve, Josh Cooley, with story by Docter and Ronnie del Carmen.
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double feature – knowing is half the battle, until all are one

This weekend was my birthday weekend, and I spent it in nostalgia. Starting off with the Back to the Future art show, a movie that I cannot say enough about, but was (and is) a big part of my childhood. But then on Saturday evening… a couple of my friends went to the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood to see a double feature of Transformers: The Movie and G.I. Joe: The Movie! Continue reading

r.i.p. leonard nimoy

Leonard Nimoy died today, February 27, 2015, at the age of 83.  He’s best known for the half human half Vulcan character Spock he played on the original Star Trek. But he’s always been a part of the media I consumed, and he will forever hold residence in my childhood (and non-childhood) memories.

Paris from Mission Impossible;

The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins;

Galvatron from Transformers;

Invasion America;

King Kashekim Nedakh from Atlantis;

Nimoy taught us how to accept the other, whether he meant to or not. The pointy-earred logical Vulcan was an outsider, and we welcomed him along with his alien culture.
“Live long and prosper” is the phrase Nimoy was known for. That’s a legacy that I wouldn’t mind having.

I had the rare privilege of being in the same film as Nimoy, and what’s more, he was Spock in it. Although we never shared screen time, we have that movie in common.
Sad to see you go sir, but you’ve left us with some wonderful memories, thank you Mr. Nimoy.