tv review

true detective season 2 – an unsolved mystery…

The season finale for True Detective season 2 aired this weekend. I gave up on this season very early on and kept watching out of obligation and vague optimism that the end might have a satisfying payoff.

There has been a lot of internet chatter about how much people have disliked this season, and even websites and podcasts to break down each episode. All of this points back to people really wanting to like season 2, myself included, but I didn’t fall into the trap of doing homework to understand and enjoy what was going on in each episode. A TV show should be enjoyable and understandable on its own, then if you decide to research further the references and details should add to your original experience. Don’t give me homework TV… Continue reading

mad men series finale

The Mad Men series finale “Person to Person” was this past weekend. I had to let it sit with me before I was able to formulate an opinion.
This show isn’t about action, it’s about character, and I was on the edge of my seat to see what Don Draper would do. He went from being cock of the walk to another cog in a machine, then he decided to step off the path. That to me was utterly fascinating. Continue reading

arrow is done – so says season 3 finale

Season 3 of Arrow has not been my favorite, but the season 3 finale episode, My Name is Oliver Queen, has officially done it for me. I will not be returning for season 4, unless there’s some amazingly compelling reason that turns season 3 into a bad dream.

Where to start… where to start… Continue reading

visionaries knights of the magical light – remember this? (revisited)

I’m revisiting this post, with a little updates.

Who remembers Visionaries Knights of the Magical Light?  This thirteen episode series was brought to you by Sunbow, the same company that gave us G.I. Joe and Transformers.  This time they used TMS for the animation, and again, this was a Hasbro toy that Sunbow made an animated series out of.

Continue reading

daredevil – no affleck here…

Daredevil premiered on Netflix last week. Took me a while to get more than one episode in, but I’m liking it. For those who don’t know, Daredevil is about a blind lawyer named Matt Murdock (played by Charlie Cox) who lives in Hell’s Kitchen in New York. When he’s not practicing law he’s keeping the city safe by beating up bad guys. Continue reading

arrow – suicidal tendencies episode… tell me about it

This week’s episode of Arrow had to mull around in my noggin for a while. But my gut reaction remains the same over the weekend.

Why is Oliver Queen becoming Batman? And why is the Atom Iron Man?
Let me explain, Oliver or “The Arrow,” is now the latest obsession of Ra’s al Ghul. In that Ra’s wants Oliver to take his place as the head of the League of Shadows. You also have his daughter Nyssa around in the happenings of Starling City. I get it, it’s gritty, a lot of stuff takes place at night, you have vigilante justice with a code, there are criminals in every nook and cranny, but Green Arrow is NOT Batman. Continue reading

community season 6 – de-peanut buttered

Community season 6 has premiered on Yahoo! The first episode is entitled “Ladders,” sold! Then we get “Lawnmower Maintenance and Postnatal Care,” as the second episode, awesome.

I’m not sure how this was accomplished, but the first episode picks up right where we left off, it’s as if Dan Harmon never left the show and NBC never canceled the show. We get caught up with characters and introduced to new characters very seamlessly, what helps is that it’s done up front so that we can get right back in to the hijinks that we all know and love, and then missed, and then we’re now reunited with. Continue reading

g.i. joe: the movie – cobra lalalalalalalala revisited

All throughout this week I kept thinking about the double feature of Transformers and G.I. Joe the movie that I attended last weekend. Seeing them both back to back, I’d have to say that the G.I. Joe movie was better. I know, crazy! Cause a new DVD copy of the Transformers movie can fetch over $100, while the Joe movie you can still get for about retail. Continue reading