star wars rebels – twin suns

The episode Twin Suns in Star Wars Rebels season 3 premiered this weekend. If you haven’t kept up with Rebels, you should go back and start this series. In no time you’ll catch up to season 3, in fact, you’d probably get there faster than light speed 🙂

This show has been a lot of fun, and season 3 amps that up in a way I was not expecting.
The latest episode (Twin Suns) cements this series to the original trilogy even more. The last scene hit me and left me emotional in way that I wasn’t expecting, it manages to tie in the prequels with the original trilogy. Bravo!

Fade out-



up – still holds… up!

UP, for those of you who haven’t seen it, is about an old man who’s done with his life and wants to take his house to where he’s always dreamed of going. A young Wilderness Explorer tags along on this journey and they battle the elements and some villains. Pixar/Disney released this film in 2009, it was directed by Pete Docter and written by Pete Docter and Bob Peterson. Continue reading

the coral castle

On May 4, 2013 I got to visit the Coral Castle with some friends of mine.  We knew we were going to be in Florida and that we wanted to go to theme parks after the wedding, but I didn’t think of the Coral Castle until we were literally in Florida.  Like many adventures, some things just aren’t planned, but I’m glad we got to visit the Coral Castle, it’s been in the back of my mind for a while now, and by a while, I mean a long time.

I first heard of this place on Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, the one hosted by Jack Palance way back when.  I won’t bother trying to tell you about the history or the mystery of this place, so I’ve provided links.

Here’s the wiki entry

This one being narrated by Optimus Prime himself.

But I can provide you with pictures that we took.  Like the Winchester Mansion I can cross this off my list, feels good.

the hollywood seventh day adventist church (the purple church)

To say that a lot has been going on at the Hollywood Adventist Church would be an understatement, if not an accurate one.
In light of recent events I’ve been dwelling on my feelings.  It’s been about three weeks since things were made public and it’s still a mixed bag.  All I know is that I didn’t like how it all went down, and that I pray and hope for the best.  The best for Ryan and his family, as well as for the church.

Here’s Pastor Ryan’s letter about what happened, which will explain better than I can;


When I moved to Los Angeles one of the first things I did was search for a church.  After church hopping for a year or so, which felt longer, I came to Hollywood, and I kept coming back, and then eventually transferred my membership there.  What attracted me to the church seems to be the cause of grief these days.  I don’t know all the details as to what transpired, but I do know that I feel upset about it.
The church’s doors are always opened, many times I’ve heard that if Jesus were here in physical form today that he’d be hanging out with the homeless and the Gay and Lesbians, because in our society those groups are “on the margins.”  Well at the Hollywood church that’s what we’re doing.  There was a seat in a pew for anyone that would walk in, and it didn’t even matter how you were dressed.  This act wasn’t only preached but was practiced and I’m a better person because of it.  What I also really enjoy are Ryan’s sermons, he spoke physically and metaphorically with us, on our level, he didn’t take the pulpit from… well the pulpit, he was on the ground floor as he delivered his sermons.  Sure his messages were sometimes uneasy, different and non-traditional, but they challenged me, made me think, and for that I’m thankful.
I love using my brain, I like thinking, I like reading and I like learning, how are these bad things?
We had a congregation discussion after service Saturday to talk about what’s been going on, people voiced their opinions and thoughts, but when the meeting was over we didn’t have a plan, and that’s ok.  These three words have always carried a negative weight, “I don’t know.”  But that’s how it felt like after the meeting, and I was ok with that.  With Ryan’s absence on the church staff, I hope that we continue what we’ve been doing.  Like he said, “this is not the end of the story.”

sweet pickles (who remembers this?) bus, next stop… memory lane

Who was a child of the eighties and remembers this?

Thanks to Kim for tracking this down, I had the notion of it percolating in my mind but I remembered it being yellow and not green.  I noticed that in my dreams the colors of purple, green and yellow seem to always be coupled together as well as being interchangeable.
Anyway, this pre-school kit was one of my earliest memories, we’re in our old apartment in Imperial Beach and I’m sitting in the living room on the brown shag rug.  The old blacked striped brown couches behind us and I had that school bus with it’s contents strewn about, right next to me is my mom helping me or teaching me.  Not sure how of where I would’ve seen the commercial for this, because I wasn’t aware of Nickelodeon yet, and I don’t think we had cable in the apartment.
At this point in my life I was probably about two or three, so her English probably wasn’t that good (I think) so I don’t remember what games or activities were written on those cards, or if we even executed their intent properly, but what I do know and remember was/is that my mom wanted the best for me, which is probably why she got the Sweet Pickles School Bus.  I’m also remembering that I played with it as a bus more than an activity source, because the plastic slides nicely on that carpet.
It’d be years later, when we moved between Skyline and the Bay Terraces before the nineties hit with their gangs and their drugs and their baggy pantaloons.  But I remember finding that school bus again after we had unpacked from the move, what was maybe two years felt like ten, and the bus was very well preserved.  My mom had taken care of it for me, she knows how to handle things and keep them intact.  She may not be able to immediately recall where they are today, but wherever they are they will be intact and in good condition.
I think it’s excellent!

subconscious occurrences of 24-jan-2012

Last night I dreamt that we were traveling, not sure where the destination was, but we were in a coastal city.  It was almost island like but more like a cove or a peninsula.  From where I am I have a view of a pier like/beach front establishment.  This place must be in the tropics, maybe an island, and the hills behind the buildings/houses are very green.  Reminds me of Catalina, but smaller.

the nocturnal events of 03-july-2011

Over the weekend I dreamt that we were watching movie, but at the same time I’m seeing this through the POV of one of the characters in the movie.  There’s a group of people hiding out from the cops, I get the sense that they’re not bad guys, but they’re perceived as criminals but are running from crooked cops, and that’s why they’re on the run from the authorities.  They get off the main street and head toward this old style house, almost like a cottage, with white trim.  But it’s also part of a larger house, so this cottage could be the guest house.  What’s weird is that this place is in the middle of like Main Street USA, there’s a busy street to the left of the place and then nothing, just dirt, no lawn or fence or plant life, just nothing till you get to the house.  When they reach the cottage they have to break in, one of their members is a lock pick, so they enter without too much noise.  In this place there’s a secret back room, which almost looks more like a broom closet, but it’s larger.  They have a kid with them, so I guess that cements it, these guys aren’t all bad.  Just then some cops come around and in one of the cars is the crooked cop, but there are also some unknowing good cops that arrive.  There’s one leave good cop, and he looks like the doctor from Battlestar Galactica.  The people who broke in to the house hide in this secret back room and stay quiet, while the cops search on the outside.  They look in to the windows and knock on the door, but no reply.  While they walk around this cottage I see more of this building.  It’s more like a boom town building, the floor is wood planks raised above the ground and there are supports for the second story balcony.  Looking in to a window there’s a staircase that takes up most of the inside, it’s very odd, like why have a window there at all?

Then the dream switches to a horror movie.  It feels like an 80s horror movie set someplace in Europe.  There’s a group of tourists that have hopped off a bus and are going to check in to their hotel for the evening.  They’re dropped off at a rather old fancy looking fountain, the water isn’t running and doesn’t look like it has for some time.  The color of the stone is yellowish, off white.  Then there are these two large double wooden doors that creak open, and the bell hop directs everyone inside, cause it looks like a thunderstorm is approaching.  Walking in to the double doors the hotel is actually on a cliff that over looks the water or the beach, or something.  Then we get inside and it’s very eerie, dark and dimly lit, the same stones from the fountain were used to make this building.  Wandering around the lobby there’s not much going on, but there’s a sense of doom lurking.  It’s like watching the set up for a slasher movie, kinda like Clue but with out the humor.

the subconscious events of 17-jun-2011

Last night I dreamt that I was at my parents’ house.  My grandma is still alive, my mom’s there in her room watching over her.  The TV’s on.  Then my dad is doing something, rearranging stuff, he’s making room for a new TV he got.  There’s a lot of stuff in the hallway, not sure why he’s moving around so much stuff.  I go to help him and then the door bell rings, as I go to answer it I notice the sky is overcast, looks like rain.  Then I wake up, wake up to… rain.  And I’m going to San Diego this weekend, guess my mind was already there.

last days of may = LA screenings (picture heavy)

I had that dream again, my dad’s old Firebird is up and running, but this time my brother is the one driving it.  It’s a sunny day and I’m at Ellison’s house, Elbert comes over to pick me up and he pulls up in the Firebird.  I want to drive it, but before that happens, I wake up.

I’ve been gone a while, it’s because LA Screenings time was upon us.  Which means most of my time was taken up preparing, but this year was sorta different.  I also spent it hanging out with Steph, making the most out of her trip to LA, and then I was spending my time fixing someone else’s mistake(s).  But it was still fun, if it weren’t for meeting our international counterparts I don’t think it would’ve been that fun.  It’s a shame that most of Steph, Paul and Jude’s time in LA was spent mostly for work.  They were flown out to LA on the company’s dime, fine, but not all their time should be devoted to all things work.  When they’re across the sea they don’t work twenty four hour days, so why should they have twenty four hour days here?

When we finally took Steph out to see the sights she enjoyed it, we went to McDonald’s, haha.  Then the second week of LA Screenings she took her vacation, good for her.  Last Thursday was the Fox party, probably the most fun I’ve had at a Fox party.  There was more talent that came and Steph was star struck, snapping pictures with actors left and right.  Here’s some pictures from that night;

me and Steph, from Australia, on her first day in the office

On the steps of the apartment for How I Met Your Mother

Danny DeVito

Jon Heder from Napoleon Dynamite

Dot Jones from Glee

David Boreanaz from Bones, but I talked to him about voice Hal Jordan from New Frontier

Iqbal Theba from Glee

Diedrich Bader

We’re talking about Batman Brave and the Bold

Krysten Ritter from Apartment 23, and She’s Out of My League

Eric Stonestreet from Modern Family

I’m looking at the wrong camera in both pictures

James Van Der Beek from Apartment 23 and Dawson’s Creek

Michael Clark Duncan

Laura Benanti from Playboy Club

Amber Heard from Playboy Club

the end of april + water for elephants

This weekend we learned that President Obama got to report of US forces killing Osama Bin Laden, instead of Bush and his “infamous mission accomplished” tag line.

Also, this weekend felt like summer, despite all the high winds blowing.  Here are some pictures from lunch Saturday at Larchmont.

Thanks Adam, for making me look like a GQ model…

Finally got to see Water For Elephants.  It’s based on a book, and here’s the skinny of what the movie is about; a guy goes to college at Cornell to become a veterinarian, before finishing his parents suddenly die in a car accident.  It’s during the depression, so the bank has to take everything.  Left with no home and no where to go, Robert Pattinson jumps on a train, this train happens to be carrying a circus.  He learns about the workings and innards of a working circus, he meets Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz.  While learning about the circus he then finds his place in this new world.

The good; the feel is just wonderful.  It’s a period piece and the feel is also period, there’s a sense of uncertainty, uncertainty of where the next meal will come from, stuff like that.  Everyone in the circus is a character, but it fits because it is a circus.  Francis Lawrence directs this movie, and it’s different from his previous stuff, being; Constantine and I Am Legend.  So it’s nice to see him try something new.  The chemistry between Pattinson and Witherspoon is not bad, I was able to check my Twilight feelings at the door.

Aside from the believability that we’ve somehow traveled back in time, I thoroughly enjoyed Christoph Waltz as August, the ringleader of the circus.  This movie does a great job of creating a bad guy.  August as the villain in this movie is just rotten, and he brings people down with him.  In an era where everything in muted by shades of grey, it was refreshing to have a villain that was truly evil at his core and when he gets his comeuppance… the audience clapped (much like the reception of Bin Laden’s comfirmed kill).

Tangent – that’s why I like comic books, the heroes are dressed in bright tights and the villains are the opposite colors.  The line between good and evil is simple.  Unlike what happened to Darth Vader.  Vader was the ultimate baddy of all bad guys.  Then we learn that Vader is name, “Anakin… and I’m a person.”  In Vader’s case, we don’t want that, we want to hate our bad guys, and we want to see them get their just desserts. – end Tangent

The bad; there’s quite the cast of circus people, we hardly get to know any of them.  Or why we need them?  I know it sounds like I’m contradicting myself.  But the other cast members almost seem useless.  I wanted more from the mentor character, named Camel.  It just felt like a missed opportunity.  Can’t really complain much, but one thing… the title of the movie.  It’s called Water For Elephants, there was no urgency that the Elephant was lacking water, or anything like that.  That could’ve been played up more.

Overall, very enjoyable.  I like the slower pace of this movie, and that it’s more character driven, with the three main leads.  This movie does something that seems to be the in thing to do nowadays.  It starts in the story’s future, with Pattinson’s character being an old man telling us the story.  There’s no guessing about who he is, so that took away from all the danger that his character had to go through.  Life or death situations always meant life, because the old man is telling the story, so we know that he lives.  But it’s Hal Holbrook, so I don’t mind as much, he can be doing anything and he’ll act the crap out of it.

On a weekend where Fast Five makes $84+ million… good movies like Water For Elephants will get buried.  So if you don’t like good things, or movies that have heart, and you just want spectacle and good looking people doing good looking things, then by all means skip Water For Elephants, check your brain at the door and fill it with pop corn and the subwhoofer.

One more thing, the poster for the movie (below) is nice right?  But taken in the context of the movie… so sad…