conventions! – D23 & SDCC 2017

D23 and Comic Con were back to back weekends. Why would I subject myself to such a strenuous schedule? I wouldn’t have it any other way, feeding the inner nerd two weekends in a row was definitely tasking on the body but it was so much fun.

Starting off with D23, I got to go Sunday and my two main goals were met, got to see the scale model of the Star Wars Land addition to Disneyland and attend the Alan Menken panel.

D23 photos;

Previous D23

And this year’s D23

The Alan Menken panel was a huge treat, the anticipated long wait for this panel was non-existent, we walked right in.
The panel was a one man show about Menken’s career into music. It was like reliving my childhood with one of the biggest contributors to it. Menken played a song from each of the films he worked on (from The Little Mermaid to Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin), we even got Little Shop of Horrors and Galavant! I was thrilled from start to finish;

Star Wars! nuthin’ but Star Wars!

A life size Snowspeeder! The Snowspeeder is my favorite vehicle, such a treat to see one on the floor;

The Star Wars stuff for the parks was amazing. The scale model was much larger than I had expected, they said it would be the largest addition to Disneyland and now I see how much truth is in that statement.

The new land will be called Galaxy’s Edge, we’ve been calling it Star Wars Land for so long that it’ll take getting used to saying something Galaxy’s Edge.

The original Captain Rex from Star Tours

The scale model had the lighting changed, such brilliant lighting, it really made you feel like the time of day was changing.


Moving on to SDCC 2017. I did a lot more panels than I thought I would, or would have time for. I got really lucky.
Despite not doing the whole con with the Monday Crew I had a blast. 2017 might be the most fun I’ve had at San Diego Comic Con. Flying solo for the most part helped me get into panels and navigate through the sea of people with more ease.




Game of Thrones panel moderated by Hodor himself Kristian Nairn, it was nice to see him after his time on the show had ended. He did a great job moderating.

Walking Dead panel;



J. Michael Straczynski’s writing panel, always been a fan of his work. He really handled the questions from the audience well.



This was the day for the Doctor Who panel, probably the highlight of the whole con for me (other than meeting up with friends). It started off with Kevin Smith moderating the Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency panel where we learned that Smith’s favorite episode of Doctor Who is School Reunion. Great taste Mr. Smith, that is one of my favorites as well.

Then the Doctor Who panel which was the last panel of the con in Hall H;


Capaldi gave an impromptu speech, saying nice things about everyone on the panel, such a classy guy.

It was an emotional panel since it is Peter Capaldi’s last one as the Doctor. Other than getting a trailer for the 2017 Christmas Special, we got a video tribute to Capaldi’s tenure as the 12th Doctor, with a standing ovation from the audience.

I didn’t think I would be moved with the passing of the torch to a new Doctor, cause the show is all about change, but I really grew to really like the 12th Doctor, Bill Potts and Nardole as a team. Capaldi’s last season was his best, way to end on a high note sir.

Some Doctor Who Cosplay;


Till next time San Diego…

Fade out-


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