the 2017 razzies

The 2017 Razzies have now come upon us. Looks like Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has a nomination is almost every category (Worst Picture, Worst Actor for both Affleck and Cavill, and Worst Director for Snyder)… I hate being right about this one, but when it was announced back in 2014 I dismissed it immediately as being anything worth substance or worth even watching. Both of the DC Extended Universe movies that came out in 2016 have been nominated for the Worst Picture category, BvS and Suicide Squad.
That is very uncharacteristic, but in my heart of hearts I knew, I knew! Batman V Superman was sooo bad that it made Hans Zimmer quit comic book movies. Thanks Zack…

Do all the Razzie nominations dis-spell internet soap boxing like this?
It’s not like this movie NEEDS defending, it’s CLEARLY great.
But defend it because at the end of the day, DC content resonates with you at your core.
As it should, it’s intelligent, challenging, philosophical content, told with artistry and passion.
People who relish openly bashing it are just LOSERS who don’t have the capacity to tap into WHY DC content is so special.

If you choose to defend BvS then you are truly engrossed in the never-ending battle. After the initial dust settled BvS did not hold up, even at Rotten Tomatoes (27% as of 1/11/2017).

I do agree with the latter half of the above “rant,” because I grew up with DC Comics, I was the only one growing up that actually bought DC Comics, but I don’t think the management at DC Comics knows what makes DC Comic… DC Comics, or more importantly what makes DC Characters so special, and that’s the real problem.
They only seem to understand Batman and no other character. With such a large pantheon of great heroes to choose from it’s truly saddening that the current regime has not understood Superman (their once flagship character) in such a long time. A whole generation doesn’t know who Superman truly is.
Everything is cyclical, this period won’t last and things will come back around, knowing that gives me comfort, but I don’t like what’s going on now.

(Wouldn’t be surprised if this was on the 2018 Razzies)

If you want to see live action DC Comics Characters, tune in to their TV shows. At least we have that… “but for how long… ?”

Fade out-



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