passengers – next stop, space, and to your left, space

Passengers is a science fiction film directed by Morten Tyldum and its written by Jon Spaihts, it stars; Chris Pratt, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Sheen, Laurence Fishburne and Andy Garcia. It’s about two people who wake up too soon on their hibernation induced trip to a new planet.

The good; the scale and believe-ability of the production is amazing. Every little bit has a great attention to detail which makes everything seem real, if space travel was done on a massive scale this is how it would look like.

The acting by both Pratt and Lawrence is great. They sell every bit of the script.
Pratt really conveys the pain of solitude and the frustration when his efforts turn to futility. Way to stretch your acting muscle sir!

This is short for fear of giving too much away.

The bad; the trailers are very misleading. Being the only two people awake on board a space ship isn’t so action packed as the marketing leads you to believe.
The average movie-goer will not be expecting a Castaway type movie with a romance twist.

Overall, very enjoyable. It’s a sci-fi space story with a romance take. The special effects are wonderful and really ground you in this possible future where space travel exists.
The script and the acting convey just how truly cold space can be, not only with the vastness but in the unforgiving nature of the vacuum of space one wrong thing can kill you.
On a personal note, I’m glad this movie finally got made, I had read an early draft of it around 2007, and I always wondered what happened to this delightful story 🙂

Fade out-



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