supergirl season 2 – featuring superman

Season 2 of Supergirl premiered last night, and boy did it live up to the hype. Season 2 brings Superman to the small screen in live action, this is a simple addition, and they nailed it!
I was worried that season 2’s production moved to Vancouver to lower the budget, because the look of the show was slightly different last night. The special effects aren’t as crisp, they’re not going to have Cat Grant (Flockhart) in every episode, and they started over with Kara’s love life… but in the opening scenes they introduce Superman to us in the best way possible. Superman and Supergirl team up to save a crashing space plane. In less time than it takes for Superman to say “Marthaaaa” to Batfleck, we get who and what Superman is.
DC TV understands Superman way better than Zack Snyder ever will, why can’t this team take over the reigns of the so called “DC cinematic universe?”

Other than Superman actually saving people, it’s what he does afterwards that really sold me, he shook peoples’ hands and smiled. It’s a small thing, but Superman smiling goes a very long way. Season 2’s premiere “The Adventures of Supergirl” understood character and they got Superman’s character right, for that I can overlook the lower production and the absence of the red trunks.
There are many other Superman nods in this episode.

This really felt like a back door pilot for Superman, for fear of spoiling things I won’t list off all the Superman things that showed up in this episode.
This is the characterization of Superman that a new generation deserves and needs. The world is too dark and life is short enough, we need hope and we need hope in our heroes.

Fade out-

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