the fundamentals of caring – paul rudd delivers!

The Fundamentals of Caring was released at the end of June on Netflix. It’s written and directed by Rob Burnett and it’s based on the novel of the same name by Jonathan Evison. It’s about a boy who needs a caregiver and the bond that forms between them. This film stars Paul Rudd, Craig Roberts and Selena Gomez.

The good; the story is very engaging. First of all I’m a Paul Rudd fan, there’s that for all of the other fans out there.
Then there’s the character of Trevor which Rudd is the caregiver for. The relate-ability of Rudd’s character Ben and his backstory to the situation at hand is doled out slowly and keeps us wondering.

The plot of the film is very simple which allows the focus to be on character. The characters and character are what keeps this film compelling, Burnett does a great job of keeping this aspect at the forefront.

The bad; most people will dub this as Paul Rudd doing an indie movie. It feels like the latter half of the last decade where an indie film was coming out every other week. This aspect may turn people off with it’s focus on character and not the laughs or the break neck speed/editing.

If you don’t like Paul Rudd, then this one isn’t for you, but what’s not to like?

Overall, I highly recommend this film. It popped up on Netflix and I was in the perfect mood to view it. Check out The Fundamentals of Caring now.

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