the perky nerd – check it out on magnolia

My friend Tiffany opened up a comic book shop in Burbank called The Perky Nerd. The shop just opened and it is a nice space, it’s not the typical comic book shop in that it also has coffee, hence the “perky.”

They also do table top gaming, heroclix, reading clubs and much more. It’s a very nice atmosphere and space to geek out with your fellow enthusiasts.

Speaking of that, this Friday July 8th, The Perky Nerd is having a Ghostbusters fan tribute art show. I have a piece in the gallery, it’s collaboration with my good friend Daisy. And my other good friend Josh has a piece in there as well.
(Here’s a sneak peek)

If you “ain’t afraid of no ghost” come on down Friday night. But if you can’t make it this Friday you should still visit the shop for friendly people and a great atmosphere.

1606 W Magnolia Blvd
Burbank, CA 91504

You can also follow The Perky Nerd on Instagram and Twitter!

Fade out-

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