midnight special – jeff nichols is the new spielberg?

Midnight Special is a sci-fi-drama thriller. It’s about a father, Roy, and his son, Alton. They spend the duration of the film evading federal and local authorities who are looking for Alton. The film is written and directed by Jeff Nichols, it stars Michael Shannon, Joel Edgerton, Kirsten Dunst, Adam Driver, and Jaden Lieberher.

The good; this film sets a mood, and it sets it well. From the moment go, I was enthralled with the plot and what’s going on and why. This is the perfect example of when the special effects serve the movie instead of calling out to themselves. The actors’ performances amplify that air of mystique and intrigue that keeps you invested in what’s going on in these peoples’ lives.

The film is scored by David Wingo, I love this soundtrack. It’s got a booming simplicity that amplifies the tone and mood.

Nichols has crafted a wonderful film that’s reminiscent of early Spielberg. The whole thing is a rolling set of escalating incidents, much like the opening of Close Encounters of the Third Kind
with a hint of E.T..It starts off small and then eases into the more fantastical, the film kept me wondering, why, why, why? Bravo for sustaining the sense and atmosphere of mystery throughout. Keep an eye out for Nichols as a director.

The bad; you didn’t see this film. In fact I DIDN’T see this film in the theatres. Every instinct I had was telling me to, but it slipped in and out of theatres…

Overall, such a delightful movie. It was a great ride and experience, everyone in the film gives it their all and makes you believe everything that’s going on. It’s a throw back to how films used to be, in that they create an atmosphere where you can escape for a while, and what carries you through the film is character and characters. Definitely buying this when it comes out on bluray, and easily one of my favorite movies of the year so far.

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