the revenant – who says the western genre is dead?

The Revenant is an American western directed by Alejandro G. Inarritu. It’s inspired by the real life experiences of a frontiersman and fur trapper, Hugh Glass, who gets attacked by a bear on a trapping expedition and gets left for dead. It’s literally about man vs nature. The film is written by Mark L. Smith and is based on Michael Punke’s book The Revenant: A Novel of Revenge. It stars; Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Will Poulter, and Domhnall Gleeson.

The good; this movie is brutal, it doesn’t shy away from any of the harshness and violence that’s common day in the frontier. It shows not only nature and the elements, but man itself is against you.
A great example is that bear attack, the scene was amazing, it looks so good that I wondered, “how did they get a bear to do that?” That scene is very well done.

Tom Hardy’s accent is spot on. His voice as Bane and Max bugged me, but here he sounds genuine.

DiCaprio’s acting is wonderful. I really believed his struggle and determination at every step of the movie, a job very well done.

Every characters’ motivation is clear, from the protagonist all the way to the antagonist and the tertiary characters . As heavy and rough as this movie is, it’s amazing that every character is well thought out and understandable.

The bad; the trailer gives too much away. The plot of the film is pretty much all laid out for you. And the bear scene is in the trailer… while the set up for that attack comes on screen all you can do at that point in the movie is look around for the bear.

The ending felt very “Hollywood.” Without spoiling it with details, the confrontation between the protagonist and the antagonist occurs at the end, as it does with movies, but it’s done in a way that feel traditional where the rest of this film has been more gritty and real. To have that in the final climax of the movie would’ve been nice and consistent.

Overall, what a movie. As much as I liked the movie it’s one that I don’t need to see again. Watch this for DiCaprio and Hardy, their performances are wonderful.

Side note, Domhnall Gleeson’s agent is a superstar, he’s popping up in everything now, good for him.

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