back to the future part II – truly to be concluded…

It’s October 21, 2015, the day that Back to the Future Part II takes place. Since Gonzalo, Cody and myself already covered one of the best trilogies in cinema history, I decided to re-post, enjoy future people!

Back to the Future Part II was released in 1989. This sequel wasn’t in the plans when the first film was released, but due to all the $$$ it made Universal wanted more. Robert Zemeckis agreed to do the next two films if Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd agreed to return, they did and that’s how it all happened.
We pick up right where we left off, as the DeLorean leaves 1985, it comes right back! But it’s Doc Brown from the future, such is time travel, he’s been there and back again, and he’s got a warning for Marty and Jennifer, “it’s your kids!” What was all that about not knowing too much about your own future??

The good; we get to go in to the future, that’s part of time travel, and I love the predictions that the film makers made for 2015. As a kid I wanted all future all the time, they managed to make the DeLorean even cooler, it’s got hover capabilities, so awesome.

And we get a new Jennifer 🙂

Doc brings Marty and Jennifer in to 2015 and we get to see Hill Valley updated; strange new fashion, hover cars, freeways in the sky, big screen tv/billboards, self lacing shoes, auto drying jackets, and… hoverboards!

We also get to see Elijah Wood!

The future is a strange and wonderfully delicious place…

The time spent in the future is actually short lived, because this then sets the plot in motion for the crisis and climax of the movie. Biff… (dunt dunn dunnnnn), basically old man Biff hears Marty’s cockamanie scheme to bring an almanac with him back to the past and place bets to make money. Doc and Marty make it back to 1985, but things are drastically different.

It’s a dark dark vision of what could be, much like all the other futuristic films of the 80s. But in order to correct the time line, they have to go back to 1955, because that’s when old Biff met young Biff to give him the almanac, I love the logic here, it takes a little exposition, but we need it and more importantly, it works.

Here’s where we get to relive the events of the first movie, but from a different angle, this is screenwriting genius! The Bobs (Zemeckis and Gale) managed to fit another story within the timeline of the original film, particularly the events that take place in and around the Enchantment Under The Seas Dance.

And for that, I love it.

The bad; next year is 2015, and we don’t have hover technology. This is more of a criticism on why our technology in real life doesn’t include hover cars… or colonies on the moon…
The filmmakers knew that their predictions could/would be wrong, so instead of making it accurate they made it a joke. And they just had to have those flying cars.

And we get a new Jennifer 🙂

When I first saw this as a kid I was disappointed in the amount of time that we spent in the future. Part II was billed as being the “future movie”, so to not spend most of the movie in 2015 was a let down. That was the kid in me, watching it now I appreciate it more. The future 2015 is more of a gag and a jumping off point for the crisis of the film.

Overall, what a treat. With this sequel we get to go back to the events of the first movie, we even end where the first movie ends, how amazing is that?! This film is one that actually grew on me with time (pun intended).

So despite my disappointment with the future portions when I viewed it as a kid I appreciate this film in its entirety now. The future scenes were the least enjoyable to the film makers, and I guess that shows. But they did make some accurate predictions; Asian influence (the Asian Invasion), flat panel tvs mounted to the wall, skype-like communications, more plastic surgery, controller-free video games… dot matrix fax machines…
Side note, in August 2010 Nike filed the patent for self-lacing shoes.

I’d pair a viewing of Back to the Future Part II with a pepsi cola.

Pepsi was introduced to us in 1893 by Caleb Bradham, the name comes from the digestive enzymes used in the recipe; pepsin and kola nuts. It was created to boost energy and aid in digestion.
A can/bottle of Pepsi will definitely help you digest that dehydrated pizza, ummph, I mean that microwaved pizza. And it goes down smooth. What?!

This film spoiled me, in the way that it set the standard so high for sequels. Why can’t all film franchises be this way?
Why wasn’t Speed 2: Cruise Control just as pulse pounding as the first movie? Why wasn’t S. Darko just as mindbendingly creepy as Donnie Darko? Why wasn’t Alvin And The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel as lackluster as the first live action foray??
Thanks for setting the bar so high.

My good buddy Dr. Q (Gonzalo) at Craft Beer Tasters has something to share, this time we’re also joined by Cody from Three B Zine,  go check out what they have to say. Here’s part one, and here’s part three, why is part two first? Time travel is funny that way huh…

Fade out-

Oh yeah, and I met Bob Gale;



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