the intern – where bickle meets fantine

The Intern is a comedy written and directed by the great Nancy Meyers. It’s about a founder and CEO of a fashion e-commerce company who agrees to a senior internship outreach program. The film stars Anne Hathaway as the company CEO and Robert De Niro as the senior who gets the internship. Rounding out the cast are Adam DeVine, Nat Wolff, Christina Scherer, Anders Holm, Zack Perlman and Rene Russo.

The good; De Niro and Hathaway work well together. What’s really works for me here is that there’s no chance of them getting together and becoming a couple. The “love” relationship is more familial and parental, which is nice to not have to be wondering “will they” or “won’t they” throughout the movie.

Anne Hathaway’s hair is longer here, I know it’s a petty thing, but she looks better with longer hair. Oh and she’s not super skinny. Now that she’s gotten her Oscar it’s nice to see her back in roles like this.

The film is also nicely cast, the meeting of two generations seemed to have work on and off screen here.

The bad; the gags… some of them felt very placed, while others were hilarious. There should’ve been more of a balance in placement of the jokes.

Overall, a pleasant surprise. Anne Hathaway isn’t a malnourished French peasant with a bad hair cut and Robert De Niro isn’t playing a tough guy. Robert De Niro seems to be enjoying his stint into the comedy aspect of the film biz and we’re right there with him.
As wide as the generation gap is between the characters and actors involved in this movie it’s nice to see that they can exist in the same space. Great job Nancy Meyers.

Fade out-



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