fear the walking dead – waiting for it to premiere

Fear The Walking Dead is the spin off of The Walking Dead tv show. This spin off must’ve been one of the most highly anticipated ones for this summer. We’re now four episodes in and there’s still nothing I can’t sink my teeth into…

Here’s why this show should’ve been awesome (and this is stuff we knew before the first episode aired);
-The location is Los Angeles (West Coast!), relatively modern day, so a “what would I do in this situation” type of thing
-It’s before the zombie outbreak
-We get to see the world turn to crap as they devour each other
-There’s the possibility of an armed military response to push back

Here’s why the show doesn’t work;
-All the black characters are dead… think about it; the boyfriend got bitten, the drug supplier turned, the principal got bitten and turned…
-It’s four episodes in and we still don’t have more than one zombie in any given episode
-None of the characters are likeable, this may be the biggest point of contention here.
We get two families brought together by divorce and then we have a Hispanic family in the mix because of circumstances. The father is smart and resilient, but he’s a jerk. What the heck?!

I understand that this show is a prequel and that more than likely all of these characters are supposed to die, because their not in the show it spun off of, but are we as the audience supposed to root for them to all die a long and drawn out death?

I will be continuing with this 6 episode seasons cause I’m already half way in. And it’s only 6 episodes. Such a missed opportunity here, this could be attributed to The Walking Dead‘s popularity, or it could be our own super high expectations placed on a show even before it aired. But at some point there should at least be a character that you can identify with or root for, but that’s absent here.

Such an opportunity missed on this one. I’m still waiting for the spin-off of The Walking Dead to premiere…

Fade out-


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