true detective season 2 – an unsolved mystery…

The season finale for True Detective season 2 aired this weekend. I gave up on this season very early on and kept watching out of obligation and vague optimism that the end might have a satisfying payoff.

There has been a lot of internet chatter about how much people have disliked this season, and even websites and podcasts to break down each episode. All of this points back to people really wanting to like season 2, myself included, but I didn’t fall into the trap of doing homework to understand and enjoy what was going on in each episode. A TV show should be enjoyable and understandable on its own, then if you decide to research further the references and details should add to your original experience. Don’t give me homework TV…

For a show entitled “True Detective” I was hard pressed to locate a crime or a detective. Our main characters were detectives? One was a CHP officer and then wore a suit, which leads me to believe that he got promoted to detective? And then another character is an organized crime/cub/casino owner?
After having pondered long and hard about the entire second season… I have come to the conclusion that the the “true detective” in season 2 is us the audience. It’s up to us to solve the mystery of why we kept watching season 2… Robert Stack needs to do an Unsolved Mysteries segment on why season 2 was such a departure from season 1.

Fade out-


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