fantastic four – don’t need no more

I hate being right, but in this case, I love being right. 20th century fox needs to give up the rights to Marvel’s The Fantastic Four.
From the onset of that first trailer I knew that fox had yet again messed up the Fantastic Four. I won’t get into too much detail, cause the internet is full of the backlash (even from the director himself!). Nothing in the trailers indicate that they understood the source material, or even a few core things at the heart of what makes the Fantastic Four… Fantastic.

It opened this weekend at a dismal $26.2 million. This gives Marvel the prime opportunity to gain the film rights to the Fantastic Four back. I really feel sorry for the cast, who are all great in their other projects, and the director. But from the experience that Gavin Hood had on X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Josh Trank should’ve learned from this previous experience. The studio will mess with your vision as a director.
Sorry everyone, hope you can pull a Clooney with this superhero bomb and bounce back soon.
It’s really sad when the low-budget unreleased Roger Corman version is looking lightyears better than this newest incarnation…

#foxsucks #giveitbacktomarvel

Fade out-


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