this past tv season on the web

I finished watching Moone Boy season 3 on Hulu and Community season 6 on Yahoo, I thoroughly enjoyed both. Then I thought, what would happen if these were remade for another territory?

What if Martin Moone was a kid growing up in the late 90s in America instead of Ireland?

What if there was a college study group in Sweden or Norway where higher education is little to no cost? Would the term “Community College” even be translate-able? let alone relate-able?

This type of remaking has been going on in Hollywood for quite some time. American television is highly sought after in foreign markets. I used to work in international television distribution, before that division got absorbed and rebranded into something more generic and ambiguously stupid like enterprise ops portal. American television series are marketable across the world, this is more prevalent in reality shows, like American Idol came from Pop Idol, Dancing With The Stars was Strictly Come Dancing or The X-Factor was… The X-Factor. Then you have the other US remakes where a cast member from the original makes it to the remake; Broadchurch was Gracepoint, Supernanny was Supernanny, Hell’s Kitchen was/is Hell’s Kitchen.

Makes me wonder, what if we just translated stuff straight across? I once was part of an argument about subtitled movies versus dubbed movies. The side for having a movie subtitled is that you can hear and see the acting in the native language. The side for dubbed is that you aren’t distracted by reading the subtitles to enjoy the movie. I personally like to watch something in its native language, but the subtitling has to be done well to whatever language they’re creating the subtitles for. Certain cultural things might not translate, I know when I was Moone Boy, and other BBC content, there’s a certain cultural comedy layer that I’m missing. This certainly is true for most anime that I view. I can only imagine who it would be for someone watching Community, the pop cultural references might go straight over their heads. I recently came across Smartling, a translation software company. They specialize in translations for businesses and website, makes me wonder what could be done for our sitcoms overseas. Cause the one hour drama is more translate-able, where comedy is always subjective.
These are just my thoughts on the every growing tv market.

Fade out-


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