jurassic world – the indominous heels

Jurassic World is the fourth film in the Jurassic Park franchise, this time around we have a new park called Jurassic World located on the same island where the first park, and movie, was. It’s about twenty years after the first movie and this new park is functioning just fine, two brothers go to visit their aunt who’s a top dog at Jurassic World, when a genetically created dinosaur called the Indominus Rex gets loose. In comes Chris Pratt to save the day.

The good; we’re back on the original island. There are also a number of other references to the first movie, one of which is B.D. Wong , he’s the only character from the original movie to show up in this film. But he’s playing the same character, the scientist who’s engineering these dinosaurs. There are other references, but I won’t spoil them for you.

They used practicals for the close ups. Meaning that when the actors are interacting with a dinosaur, it was a fully scale puppet or animatronic. And they looked awesome. The dinosaurs had a texture and a feel to them, they breathed and blinked

There was a lot more humor in this film than I was expecting, I’m putting this here cause it balanced us out while we were watching havoc being reeked on the island.

The film does a good job in building the world of the theme park. How can the test run of the first park go so horribly wrong that they would open a larger theme park based on the same idea? Without going into too much detail the movie was able to show us that the appropriate measures were taken to ensure safety. That’s why Chris Pratt’s character is there, he’s an ex-Navy consultant type who’s also working with the dinosaurs. There’s even a moment in one of the rides where Jimmy Fallon shows up, if you’ve ever been to Universal Studios you’ll love this joke.

The bad; the cg doesn’t look as good as the first movie. It’s been twenty two years since Jurassic Park (1993) came out, why do the dinosaurs in that movie look better than they do in Jurassic World? The practical models look great, but then when we go to the cg versions it’s just not believable that they’re the same animal.
One moment in particular, that doesn’t involved a dino, is when the boss’ helicopter lands on the island, it looks super jerky and fake.

The movie is nearly identical to the first movie. There’s an amusement park with dinosaurs, some kids visit who are relatives of someone working at the park, things go wrong in where a genetically engineered dinosaur gets lose, the one practical guy that no one listened to saves the day.
Only this time things are bigger and more cg’ed. I was hoping for something more that would be added to the “formula.” Sure there’s some social commentary about corporations and big business coming together in the form of the Indominous Rex, and then this conglomerate feeds on us the consumer. But it’s all lost in the spectacle of it all.

The counter measures and the disaster protocols are horrible in the park. For a place that’s been running this long without incident, they must’ve just been lucky. I kept thinking to myself, “why aren’t you shooting the dino’s eyes out?” Then when they lock down the park putting all their guests in the main thoroughfare, why isn’t there shade? Or something more substantial to keep the guests comfortable?? Forget about the dinosaurs, thinking about the weather conditions, the first movie had a severe storm coming through, you’d think that there would be more shelter type areas.

Overall, very very predictable, but still fun. A lot of throw backs to the original film, but I kept waiting for someone else from the first film to show up. I felt the story between the two brothers wasn’t fully developed, that might’ve brought the extra oomph that this film needed. But the masses flocked to see Jurassic World this weekend, must be the same crowd that makes the Transformers “movies” so lucrative. Oh and one more thing… how did Bryce Dallas Howard manage to stay in heels the entire movie? That completed threw me out of the film, hahaha.

One quick thing… the younger brother’s room in the beginning of the movie, why does he have old toys? Like old metal windup toys, but yet this movie takes place in modern day. That was very confusing, at first I thought it was a flash back.

Fade out-


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