san andreas – the rock has to save people from the smack down

San Andreas is a disaster film which features Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as rescue helicopter pilot Ray Gaines. Gaines has some family issues that aren’t going in his favor, but when the big ones hit, he’s on call to save his family. This film is brought to you by the disaster duo Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin… oh wait, it’s not?

The good; the runtime. 114 mins, this movie knows what it is, it gets in and gets out. Thank you for that. This is the first time that I’ve cited the runtime as being a good thing. If this movie were any longer, I probably would’ve completely lost interest.

Things blow up, and they blow up well. When I say “blow up” I mean they collapse and crumble. It’s always fun to watch Los Angeles get destroyed. Among all the rumbling and crumbling we actually get a two hour PSA, the Rock tells his daughter what to do, and she does it… instead of panicking… how novel.

Oh and the daughter is played by Alexandra Daddario, who’s eyes are beautifully blue, I mean she’s just gorgeous.

The bad; the characters are pretty cookie cutter here (strong dad who’s down not having the best day, a wife who’s got a new beau, a daughter who’s caught in the middle, the wife’s boyfriend who’s rich but that’s it…).
There’s not much depth, but this isn’t that type of movie. It does try to be something else by adding character drama in its main cast. We get the family that’s splintered by whatever reason, but the destruction of California is what brings them together. All the while we’re given a PSA of what to do during an earthquake. I know I mentioned this above, while I applaud the effort, it felt shoe horned in.

The stretching of time and distance, the Rock has to get from Los Angeles to San Francisco in the span of our film… how does he do this? Well, he starts by helicopter, then stolen truck, then stolen jumper plane, then parachute, then stolen motor boat. I can suspend my disbelief but that travel time was a tad much.

Overall, much better than the Roland Emmerich disaster porn, cause it actually had a message instead of just destroying things for destroying things sake. It felt like a video game where you got out of one situation only to find yourself in another, as if you beat this stage boss, and then here comes the next stage’s boss… and so on.
Skip it, watch it when it hits tv, cause it will.

Fade out-

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