arrow is done – so says season 3 finale

Season 3 of Arrow has not been my favorite, but the season 3 finale episode, My Name is Oliver Queen, has officially done it for me. I will not be returning for season 4, unless there’s some amazingly compelling reason that turns season 3 into a bad dream.

Where to start… where to start…
How about ‘dem flashbacks? What’s the deal with the flashbacks?! They’re distracting and totally change the Arrow’s origin. He tortures and kills people every chance he gets. They don’t even really connect with the main story, or rather the present timeline. The flashbacks need to go.

Then we have Oliver Queen becoming Batman. Newsflash, the Green Arrow may have started out as a “Batman,” but the iconic version that we all know and love, is not Batman at all.

Why must Ra’s Al Ghul be the overriding villain of Arrow season 3? But at least we get more of Nyssa…

Season 3 was all about taking down a big bad villain, all the resources and efforts are expended to defeat this seemingly undefeat-able bad guy. Our characters’ strengths are tested, their emotions are tested, relationships are tested, and my patience is tested.
Then it all ends with a sword fight on a random bridge?! That’s it?

Random stab!
Random stab!

So you’re telling me that we took some of our best characters, Felicity and Sarah, turned them into something not good, so that we could have a sword fight?
Why did Sarah have to die? It was to make way for Laurel… urgh, we also “lost” Roy, to make way for… Thea?

Wipe that smile off your face, Roy’s corpse just got buried!
Roy’s dead? No, just his acting.

We do get some good things though; Katana, the Flash and Ray Palmer make appearances this season;

Stop scowling Barry, why so serious?

Perhaps the most egregious thing that happen is season 3 is the downfall of Felicity. Why did the love-able Felicity go from a strong female character to a one note cardboard cutout? She was awkwardly likeable and tech savvy, now she’s just a scorned woman? The only time Felicity was Felicity was when she appeared on The Flash crossover episodes.

Don’t cry Felicity, you get to put on some armor
That’s hot… I approve.
BOOM goes the dynamite

The moral of Arrow season 3, “be a self-centered, egotistical, jock who murders anyone who gets in your way and ignore those who love and care for you by putting them through hell and making them not love and care for you. Put them through hell by making them thing you’re dead, not once, but a couple of time because you know what’s best for everyone and you will get the girl in the end and… be happy.” Thus ended the run of Arrow, you have failed this viewer.

John Diggle summed it up best;

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