visionaries knights of the magical light – remember this? (revisited)

I’m revisiting this post, with a little updates.

Who remembers Visionaries Knights of the Magical Light?  This thirteen episode series was brought to you by Sunbow, the same company that gave us G.I. Joe and TransformersThis time they used TMS for the animation, and again, this was a Hasbro toy that Sunbow made an animated series out of.

The opening narration goes, “It is a time when magic is more powerful than science and only those who control the magic control destiny… they are the Visionaries…”
On this other planet called Prysmos, where there are three suns, the sun go out of whack causing all science technology to become useless, so civilization falls in to a medieval dark age like society.  People start wearing armor and use swords and clubs.  The land is farmed and castles are erected.  It reminds me of He-Man‘s world, with this wonderful fusion of fantasy and science fiction, but darker.

The great quality of TMS animation shines through out this series, granted it only ran for one season, unlike G.I. Joe or Transformers which were first run syndication shows of sixty five episodes, TMS could focus their efforts in this short run.  There’s no point in the thirteen episodes that I could see where the “B Team” handled the animation.

I really enjoyed the fusion of scifi and fantasy with more seriousness and the backstory lends itself to the melding of two genres.  Their armor always looked to me like they took car parts for the chest plates, it could very well have been the grill of a Rolls Royce or something.
You then throw in the love of holograms, now they weren’t confined to collectible cards and variant comic book covers, but they’re on our toys, hurray!  Two things I loved are now in one place… sadly this did not catch on.

In the opening sequence there are two segments of animation that really stick out to me;
when the two vehicles are fighting each other, it then cuts to a wider shot of two totem creatures flying, the scene just created that world for me, you have these futuristic machines hovering around while two dragons flew above them.

Then it quickly cuts to Cryotek using his staff of the archer to shoot an arrow, just the way he’s kneeling and commanding the archer, the lighting and shadows are great, you can’t see his face, the helmet prevents that, but that image has always popped out.

I remember watching Visionaries Knights of the Magical Light Sunday mornings with my brother, it came on after or before Captain Power. Two properties with a gimmick, definitely had me hooked.

I miss the stories in our animated content that dared to be different by taking risks on creating a new world, and the opening sequences were always awesome.

Here’s an episode on youtube;

Fade out-


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