arrow – suicidal tendencies episode… tell me about it

This week’s episode of Arrow had to mull around in my noggin for a while. But my gut reaction remains the same over the weekend.

Why is Oliver Queen becoming Batman? And why is the Atom Iron Man?
Let me explain, Oliver or “The Arrow,” is now the latest obsession of Ra’s al Ghul. In that Ra’s wants Oliver to take his place as the head of the League of Shadows. You also have his daughter Nyssa around in the happenings of Starling City. I get it, it’s gritty, a lot of stuff takes place at night, you have vigilante justice with a code, there are criminals in every nook and cranny, but Green Arrow is NOT Batman.

Then you have Ray Palmer coming aboard this season, we all know him as the scientist who’s superpower is the ability to shrink as The Atom. But in the show we have Ray constructing an exo-suit that looks a whole lot like Iron Man’s armor, and there’s no intention of shrinking. Instead he flies, has computer aided vision, and shoots some sort of electrical discharge from his hands, with a very familiar sound… The Atom is NOT Iron Man.

These last few episodes of Arrow have left me scratching my head. I hope that this is just the sophomore slump, Green Arrow (or as he’s known, The Arrow) needs to remember that he’s not Batman. On the bright side, The Flash is delivering where Arrow misses the target.

PS. and why did we need The Suicide Squad???

Fade out-





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