cinderella – this one fits… and can stay.

We all know the story of Cinderella, or at least we should, a girl has a cruel step family, she wants to go to a royal ball, a fairy god-mother makes it possible, a glass slipper is lost and the prince has to find the maiden who fits the shoe. Here we get an update version of the Charles Parrault classic fairy tale, it’s directed by Kenneth Branagh and stars; Lily James, Cate Blanchett, Richard Madden, Stellan Skarsgard, Nonso Anozie and Helena Bonham Carter.

The good; the film looks amazing. In a world where everything is CG and green screened, Cinderella manages to stand out. This is probably attributed to the costuming, because that you cannot fake. The wardrobe department did a fantastic job.

The sets and locations are equally superb and compliment the costuming. Sure there are moments where it’s computer generated, but there are other scenes where a set was built. The ballroom scene is a great example, it displays the wardrobe and the set design perfectly.

The magic isn’t over done here, it serves its purpose and then doesn’t come back. The glass slipper being magical in nature didn’t want to fit the foot of another, other than Cinderella herself. That’s a nice touch, as opposed to Cinderella being so petite.

The bad; this is more of a personal attachment to the Disney version of the story, but I wanted it to be a musical. More songs.

I know Cate Blanchett is the evil step-mother… but she looked amazing every time she was on screen. It was really difficult to hate her as the villain. Gotta put something here I suppose.

Overall, I find this latest adaptation of a fairy tale very enjoyable. With the lack-luster Snow White adaptations, Cinderella really stands high above them all. This film also manages to have a good moral for the younger audience, too often are movies showcasing the spectacle and pushing the moral narrative to the side, just like the sets and costuming, we get a wonderful balance with the awe and the lesson learned.
With an opening weekend of about $70 million, I hope that we get more on-screen versions like this.

Oh and we get a semi-reunion of departed Game of Thrones cast members here, so that’s a nice consolation, hahaha.

Fade out-


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