room 237 – shine on!

Room 237 is a documentary about The Shining, more specifically, about how people have obsessed over The Shining. The film is directed by Rodney Ascher and produced by Tim Kirk, they allow us to step foot into a sub-sub culture of pop culture where everyone has extracted a different meaning from this particular Stanley Kubrick film.

The good; the film gives us time in each of these “schools of thought.” No one theory is given credence over another and yet I feel educated enough, and I mean enough. The entire movie is also told in voice over with scenes from The Shining and others movies, strange not to see who’s talking in a documentary, maybe it’s to protect the identities of the speakers…

The film also mirrors the editing of Kubrick’s The Shining. It’s a great complimentary piece to the film, complimentary in the fact that I never even thought of any of these theories that are presented.

Every time I felt done with a particular theory or that the Kubrick enthusiast speaking was reaching, we moved on saving my engagement in the film, bravo on the editing.

The bad; I find some of these theories hair-brained. But I enjoyed hearing each and every one of them. That’s not a real fault of the movie itself.

Overall, if you feel like watching The Shining again, but you need an excuse? Use Room 237 as that the perfect excuse to get you motivated. Watch it and get reminded of a movie you watch over and over and over again, then think of people who have watched that movie even more than that, and then they start seeing other things in the movie.

I really found Room 237 to be a fun exercise in the excess (of others). Check it out on Netflix now.

Fade out-





    1. You should watch the documentary, if you can get it over there, it’s a bunch of different ideas about what the deeper meaning of the movie is, some more hair-brained than others.
      I love The Shining, hahaha

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