double feature – knowing is half the battle, until all are one

This weekend was my birthday weekend, and I spent it in nostalgia. Starting off with the Back to the Future art show, a movie that I cannot say enough about, but was (and is) a big part of my childhood. But then on Saturday evening… a couple of my friends went to the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood to see a double feature of Transformers: The Movie and G.I. Joe: The Movie!

This couldn’t have been more perfect for me. I never saw either movie on the big screen, granted the G.I. Joe movie never got a theatrical release, but now being given the chance to relive my childhood I had to do it. I’m also glad that my friends got to join me, cause lord knows I would’ve gone to this double feature by myself.
We got to see G.I. Joe: The Movie in its first (correct) theatrical screening.

The theatre was pretty full, I prepared for that type of crowd, but didn’t expect to see the seats actually filled. It helped that there was a Q&A from the writers, voice actors, voice director, and director. It was awesome to see the people that made those animated worlds come to life.

Both G.I. Joe and Transformers hold a special place in my childhood, I can’t begin to expound on how much fun and joy I got out of their cartoon adventures and their toys. You can read about my nostalgic journeys here and here.

The Q&A sessions were nicely moderated, those people could talk and talk without ever a natural stopping point in sight. At no point was there a questions from the audience portion, for that I am extremely grateful, cause it was a mini-comic con.
It was great to see Flint and Duke together again, albeit in a non-animated form. Those voice actors still sound great, some might say they sound even better, cause their older and have more gravitas to their pipes.

G.I. Joe movie director Don Jurwich, G.I. Joe writer Buzz Dixon, Transformers writer Flint Dille

wide shot of Bill Ratner (the voice of Flint), Buzz Dixon, Neil Roos, Flint Dille, Michael Bell (the voice of Duke), and Wally Burr

G.I. Joe storyboard artist Larry Houston

Bill Ratner, voice director of both series Wally Burr, Hank Garrett (the voice of Dial Tone), Neil Ross (the voice of Shipwreck)

Some say you can never go home again, this past weekend I was able to go back to the living room, with a dial TV, that’s close enough.
Thank you gentlemen for your work, what you did all those years ago provided me and my brothers with endless amounts of fun and imagination. 5 year old me couldn’t have had a better birthday.

Fade out-



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