wild tales – six spanish subtitled storiesssssss

Wild Tales is an anthology film, meaning, it’s got a couple of short films that touch upon a common theme. In this case, the short films are all dark comedy/dramas that deal with violence and vengeance. Oh, and it’s a Spanish film, meaning that it’s subtitled in English (for the average viewer).  All the films are directed by Damian Szifron.

The good; the films are very well done. They really build on the escalation of events. I can’t go too much into detail, for fear of spoiling the entire plot, cause they are short films after all. But just imagine anything and everything that can go wrong in any given situation, and that’s what you have in these films. It almost feels like a catharsis to all the emotions we keep bottled up inside.

The bad; the movie(s) are subtitled, and it’s an anthology film, so these two factors will detract people. When was the last anthology film? Pulp Fiction? No one outside of LA or New York will see this movie.

Overall, I miss these types of films. The theme that ties these films it’s force fed down your throat, I appreciated the film allowing me some breathing room to connect the dots myself. In a world of mostly tentpole franchise movies, it was refreshing to see a film serve as a cautionary tale. See this film, if you can.

Fade out-


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