r.i.p. gary owens

Gary Owens died yesterday, February 12th, at the ripe old age of 80. He will forever reside in my childhood as the voice of Space Ghost, the Blue Falcon and Commander Feral from The Swat Kats.

Gary Owens’ voice was instantly recognizable, he voiced more than 3,000 cartoons, and was the announcer on Seasame Street since its inception in 1969.

For some reason I remember Owens from this video staring Fred Savage and every little boys dream… Dinosaurs! We’d watch this in the library on certain days, I think they were the rainy days when we couldn’t go outside for recess;

Owens started out in radio, then transitioned in to the small screen, but somehow found his way into our hearts.  Owens came from a time long since past, but his voice was timeless.
You will be missed sir, your lovely baritone belonged in entertainment, in all its forms. But you’ve left us with great memories.



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