fant4stic – no thanks… no thanks…

We got our first trailer for the new Fant4stic (Fantastic Four) “movie.” Thanks 20th century fox for dropping this turd on us. From the onset this comic book property was handled poorly, three movies in a you still haven’t been able to get it right? #rupertsfault

Did anyone at the studio read the source material? AKA the comic books? The Fantastic Four is fun, this trailer is all doom and gloom… and there’s no space ship? It’s now some sort of stationary quantum accelerator thingy?

I said no thanks when I heard they were “rebooting,” I said no thanks when the announced the cast, and I no thanks when I saw the trailer. Release the rights to your Marvel properties, we don’t need another Daredevil and or Elektra.
So sad that the unreleased Roger Corman version is probably the best live action adaptation…

Fade out-


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