parks and recreation – aka parks and rec

Season 7 of Parks and Recreation is upon us, well… four episodes upon us to be precise, with two more episodes tonight. This being the final season has left me with a bittersweet feeling. I thoroughly enjoy the show and don’t want it to go away, but I’m also pleased that it’s ending now and not being drawn out like all other American TV shows.

The start of season 7 had me a bit worried, but last week’s episode put all those fears to rest. I was taken aback by how much time had passed since the end of season 6 to the beginning of season 7 (in the show world’s time it’s about three years). Then by four episodes they were able to get us back into the swing of things, “the gangs all back” type of thing. Where other shows stir up the mix for the season finale, but by the next season premiere you’re already back to the status quo with one episode, bravo Parks and Rec for doing that, but in a different way.
What attracts me to this show is how character driven it is, the fourth episode really brought it home, building up to a montage with a Willey Nelson song, or any other pop song that we’ve seen done time and time again in television, but this time we had meaning and purpose for that song to be there.
Sad to see you go, but very pleased with the results so far, bummer we’re only getting thirteen episodes for season 7.

Fade out-


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