big eyes – the art of the steal

Big Eyes is a biopic about Margaret Keane, an artist whose then-husband (Walter Keane) takes credit for all her work. It’s directed by Tim Burton, stars Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz.

The good; everyone involved is great. Amy Adams as Margaret and Christoph Waltz as Walter are amazing together. It was fascinating to see an alpha persona manipulate this young woman into an elaborate lie. You really hated Walter with every smile and lie he oozed, and you managed to empathize and root for Margaret at every turn.

It’s crazy how I didn’t know about this true story until this movie came out.

The bad; this is a Tim Burton film that felt like anyone could’ve directed it.

Overall, this is a wonderful movie that has a great story to it, but it’ll get lost in the shuffle during Oscar season. Burton being a Keane collector himself, you can tell that this film was a labor of love, that he wanted to do Margaret justice by telling her story to the public at large. Other than Burton, you can also see Keane’s influence on the Powerpuff Girls. So check this “little” movie out when you can, everyone does a great job with their performances.

Watch out for the real Margaret early on when they’re painting, she’s sitting on a park bench.

Fade out-


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