last night’s episode of the flash

Last night’s episode of The Flash was another good one. Its entitled “Flash vs. Arrow”, and not “Flash v Arrow”…
Anyway, it was such a delightful episode, lots of stuff for the comic book fan boys, and lots of stuff for the non-initiated.

At the end we see one of Ollie’s old flames, Sandra Moonday Hawke. Here’s how she appeared in the episode;

But we’ve seen her before… in Arrow season 2;

And here’s how she appears in the comics;

In Arrow Moira paid her off when she learned that she was pregnant with Ollie’s baby, and now she’s given birth to Connor Hawke, another person to take up the Green Arrow mantle. So the Green Arrow’s family is growing.

This is not an “easter egg” as it was at the end of the episode, we were meant to notice this and speculate.

Fade out-


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