a goldberg thanksgiving – best song pairing

The Goldberg’s had their Thanksgiving episode last night, appropriately entitled “A Goldberg Thanksgiving.”
This episode reinforces why I love this show so much. Put aside the characters, the fact that it’s a period piece, the production design that features all things from my childhood, the comedic timing, and the wonderful wardrobe… it all boils down to the writing.
Maybe it’s just that time of the year, but when the episode wrapped it all up, I got this warm and fuzzy feeling. What started out as nostalgia accompanied with laughs, quickly veered in to nostalgia with a side order of love. But not just love for the eighties, love of food, love of video games and love of family. Above all, love of family, those with us and those departed.

The episode ends as usual, with a period pop song over the last segment, they always manage to find the right combo to match up with the montage-y wrap up. This week we get St. Elmo’s Fire – Man in Motion;

You don’t have to take my word for it, check this article out from EW.

To view this episode, consult you local programming guide or go here. Or download the ABC app.

Great job at reminding us what’s important this holiday season.

Fade out-


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