boardwalk empire – finale

Boardwalk Empire concluded this past weekend with the episode “Eldorado.” I managed to stick with this show even though some of my friend fell off. The final (5th) season left a lot to be desired as far as story telling. I’m not sure why they chose to tell the story they told. It was nice seeing flashback in to Nucky’s past and how he was able to get the power that he has when we first meet him all the way back in season 1. But why didn’t they tell that story in a previous season?
Despite my questioning, Marc Pickering does a great job playing a young Steve Buscemi.

*SPOILERS AHEAD* Nucky Thompson is based off of the real life Enoch ‘Nucky’ Johnson of the same Atlantic City, so the show was sort of boxed in to the events of history, except now the show had become something else, using history as a backdrop rather than the plot. So after a couple days since the final episode aired I still find myself scratching my head as to why did they chose to tell the story they told?

Nucky dies before prohibition is repealed, where the real life Nucky died in 1968, I’m not sure what was gained by having Jimmy Darmody come back in to this, sorta.
Is this an allegory that crime doesn’t pay?

But I do have to say that the stuff with Eli and his son had me on the edge of my seat. I really wanted Luciano and his group to get theirs. And with the show evolving as it did I thought that’s what they were going for, not sure I cared that Dr. Narcisse died in a Godfather way.

It seems hard to end shows these days, but thanks for the run Boardwalk Empire, the fashion was impeccable.

Fade out-

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