fury – the little tank that could

Fury is a war movie directed by David Ayer and it stars Brad Pitt. It’s about a tough little American tank named “Fury” and the crew that pilots this tank, set against the European theatre of World War II. The film is not only directed by Ayer, but he pens the film as well, the film also stars Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman, Jon Bernthal, Michael Pena, Jason Isaacs and Scott Eastwood.

The good; the battle scenes are amazing. If you know some history you know that the German Tiger tanks were beasts that could take down the American Sherman tanks with no effort. There’s a scene at the top of the second act where Fury goes up against a Tiger, and wow! This scene is coordinated, methodical and yet pulse pounding and tense at the same time. Such an amazing scene all around with editing, acting, pacing, sound design and emotion.

It seems like World War II movies are the only kind of war movies we can have today, anything about the conflicts in the Middle East seem too soon. But Fury might be one of the few WWII movies that doesn’t paint the American troops in the best light. There’s a meal scene set around a German civilian’s home, the crew of the Fury are all present and carry a certain baggage when interacting with each other.

The bad; that meal scene I just mentioned, it lasts a bit too long for my tastes (pun intended). We get that there’s a history with these men and they’re venting by taking it out on whatever and whomever. But it just runs a little too long for me. They say in the biz, “show, don’t tell,” I could’ve used a little more telling.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. The characters are the classic archetypes but they work. The battle scenes are very well executed, there’s a sense of geography, close quarters, urgency, distance, and danger. The camera allows us to take in all of this by not being hand held or super close up on the action, for the coverage of battle I applaud Fury.

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