the flash speeds past gotham – dc’s new shows this season

The Flash premiered last night, on the tails of Gotham, then tonight is the season premiere of Arrow. Why can’t DC Comics put this much effort in to their movie franchise?

Let’s start with The Flash, for one, I’m a huge fan of Geoff Johns run on the Flash comic book. Wally West is my Flash, and I think it’s horrendous what they’ve done to him in the comics of late. So needless to say that when the Flash appeared on Arrow last season, in a backdoor pilot, I was pleased, then saddened that it was Barry Allen and not Wally… but I moved on. The Flash is the new series that I was looking forward to the most and from a pilot stand point… I thoroughly enjoyed the premiere episode.

With all these new comic book shows invading our small screens the internet has been a buzz with postings about “easter eggs” when they’re nothing more than fan boy service. I’ll point out a couple from The Flash that are actual easter eggs that the internet’s so-called “experts” seemed to have missed.


Fred Chyre is a supporting character to Wally in the comics, he’s a police officer.

He’s the white haired cop on the left, this is how he appeared in the comics (next to Hunter Zolomon);

And here’s how he appeared in the pilot, he’s the detective in the middle with the light grey long coat;

Chyre is a supporting character for Wally when he’s the Flash, doesn’t look like that’ll happen since we gets killed by the Weather Wizard.

Eddie Thawne shows up here too, but he looks more like Hunter Zolomon in the comic panel above with Chyre. Thawne is connected to the “man in the lightning,” or he’s probably the same guy? The Reverse Flash as he’s known in the comics is actually more than one person, so it looks like in the universe of the show it’s a hybrid of Zolomon and Eobard Thawne. Comic Thawne is from the future so it’s not detective Thawne of the show, but comic Zolomon is a profiler helping the police, so he’s like Thawne of the show… confused yet? Yeah… another easter egg missed.

What’s more is that Dr. Harrison Wells in the show is in a wheelchair, kinda like Zolomon of the comics.

Then at the tag of the episode he reveals that he has time travel abilities and is reading a newspaper from the future (I thought print was dead?), so this leads me to believe that Wells is actually the man in the lightning. He’s doing what Professor Zoom does to Wally, he throws adversity at him to make him a better hero. I kinda like the shadow mentor going on here.
Another easter egg missed…


On to Gotham… I’m caught up with the three episodes thus far, and I’m bored. I can’t find myself liking this show, and I want to.

The pilot episode had way too much fan boy service, I mean the easter eggs weren’t even clever… they were too in your face and not hidden, so counter to what the internet would have you believing, they weren’t easter eggs.

I find the best part of Gotham is Harvey Bullock as portrayed by Donal Logue.

Gotham just throws way too much at you, the Penguin, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, The Riddler working in the GCPD, Montoya and Allen (The Spectre) on MCU, Harley Quinn Dancers, Alfred as the Batman Earth One version, and now Barbara Gordon and Montoya as ex-lovers… wow.

This show just tries too hard, it doesn’t help that it airs on the craptacular network fox…

So in a race for ratings between two comic book shows on two different networks, The Flash speeds ahead by a mile, and that’s just coming from one episode versus the three episodes of Gotham that have already aired. It does help that The Flash takes place in the same world as Arrow, and like Arrow it has a voice over, which is just like the comic book to me and it works.

Fade out-


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