doctor who – kill the moon

This weekend’s episode Kill The Moon of Doctor Who is what I’ve been waiting for! Just take a look at the trailer above, we’ve finally landed, the Doctor is on an adventure in the future where something’s gone wrong with Earth’s Moon.

Along with Clara we also have Courtney (Ellis George ) accompanying the Doctor to the near future on a trip to the moon. In the previous episode we got a little bit more of Courtney – the feisty school girl, and boy was I skeptical, but on Kill The Moon she shines. The addition of someone who’s the surrogate for the audience is something that’s been missing for this current series of Doctor Who.

It’s been forever said that Doctor Who is a show for kids, I believe it’s more than that, but at the basic core of it, yes, it has a place for kids. Not only being known for frightening them by having children watch from behind the couch but because it speaks to them. That aspect has really been lacking of late. Bringing in Courtney allows the kid element back in, giving us a reference point and a point of view that’s not around with the Doctor or even Clara at this point in the series.
This latest episode has everything that I love about Who and it’s got everything that’s been missing. Kill The Moon is the first episode this season that doesn’t have Moffat or Gatiss all over it, and that’s probably why it works.
This episode was brought to us by (writer) Peter Harness and (director) Paul Wilmshurst.

Kill the Moon was good because it wasn’t overly complicated, the complexity came from the emotions of the characters and not the plot.

Well done Peter Harness, superb writing.

Fade out-


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