top gun 2? – do we need this in our lives?

Paramount is moving forward with the sequel to Top Gun. I mean I like Top Gun as much as the next guy, sorta, but do we need a movie giving us the further adventures of our favorite Maverick… Maverick?

“The move will goose up the long-in-the-works sequel and comes after the recent Paramount arrival of producer Jerry Bruckheimer. After years with a studio deal at Disney, Bruckheimer moved to the Melrose Avenue-based studio lot in April.”

The Top Gun flight school isn’t even at Miramar in San Diego anymore… and I frankly just don’t like the new model of military aircraft, not that the Raptor has replaced the Tomcat, but this fighter jet seems to be used in every movie now.

I’m sure all of the people involved have good intentions and are good people themselves, but the ingredients for the original Top Gun just won’t be there. We’ll see if this moves beyond the development stage, I guess I’ll see it in… “the danger zone.”

You can read the full article here.


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