sin city: a dame to kill for – in which voice overs reign supreme

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For is the follow up to Sin City, directed by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez, and written by Frank Miller, who originated the source material, if you saw the first film you know what this is all about. We’re in Basin City where evil and greed reign supreme, and a couple of people try to fight the system. But this time we’ve got new characters who happen to land in Sin City.

The good; the film is visually stunning. I mean wow! The pages from the comic book leap on to the big screen. I know it’s all done with green screen and visual effects, but it’s done the right way.

I love the black and white quality of the visuals. The driving scenes are all very well done, it’s crazy the sense of motion you get from a green screen set, Rodriguez has perfected some great green screen techniques here.

The bad; the film is too long. Not that the actual run time is like 3 hours, but that the whole thing seems to go past where it should end. It’s really hard to put a finger on what’s missing, but something is, and I’ll try to explain.

It might be the editing, it felt a little unbalanced with how the stories were “interwoven.” We start the movie with Marv, so you think, “hey, he’s our main character, all right!” But then we switch to Johnny then Dwight. There’s just a lot going on, with a bulk of the time devoted to Dwight, whose story is A Dame To Kill For.

The segments should’ve been shorter, cutting to other segments so that we could progress each one slowly. By the time Dwight’s story ends… I thought that was it, then it went on to Nancy’s story.

Overall, visually stunning. A good movie which could’ve been great, but knowing what it could’ve been makes me wonder what got in the way.

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